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A noted jailbreak developer reportedly gets beamed up to the mothership, AT&T’s looking to share nicely, and a purported “ninja” acts very un-ninjalike. The remainders for Friday, June 3, 2011 are on the lam.

Apple hires iPhone jailbreak notification developer for iOS team at corporate HQ (AppleInsider)

Peter Hajas, developer of jailbreak iPhone notification app Mobile Notifier, has apparently taken a job at Apple. AppleInsider says it’s confirmed Hajas’s new gig, although nobody seems to know what he’s working on. Naturally, many have suggested that he might lend his expertise to a revamped notification system for iOS 5, but actually, it turns out he’s a whiz at accounting. Who knew?

AT&T confirms it’s ‘working on’ a shared data plan, won’t commit to a time frame (Engadget)

Following up on reports that Verizon was investigating shared family data plans, no less than AT&T Wireless CEO Ralph de la Vega said at the D9 conference earlier this week that his company was also looking into such an arrangement. In a slight difference from Verizon’s plan, AT&T’s is just one big data plan that you have to share with everybody else on the network.

Apple Thanks Apple Store Employees In Tenth Anniversary Poster (MacStories)

In addition to its new fancy iPad displays, Apple made another change to some of its retail stores for the recent tenth anniversary: a poster thanking all of the company’s store employees. It’s a touching gesture, but did they have to put it all in fine print?

‘Ninja’ Crashes Car into Apple Store in Greensboro (

So, supposedly a person dressed in a white “ninja suit” crashed a car into the Greensboro, North Carolina Apple Store early Friday morning, in what appeared to be an attempted robbery. However, after crashing the car—an older model two-door Honda—the perpetrator then ran away without taking anything. Okay, let’s get some things straight: First, if it were really a ninja, they never would have been seen. Second: ninjas dressed in white? What is this, G.I. Joe ? Thirdly, is a ninja really likely to take such an inelegant approach as driving a car into a store? Fourth, a twenty-year-old Honda? Everybody knows ninjas travel only by motorcycle or hang-glider. And finally, if it were really a ninja, they would have wiped out the entire store’s inventory without leaving a trace. So, clearly, this headline should have read “Ninja Imposter Crashes Car into Apple Store.” Did anyone even call a ninja for comment? Geez. The state of journalism these days.

(I take ninjas very seriously, and so should you, if you know what’s good for you.)

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