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Boy, you think Apple’s got a problem with Lodsys? At least those guys are small-timers asking for chump change (which is fitting, considering they’re such chumps). Apple could have worse legal troubles—it could have Google’s.

Google’s been hit by a suit from Oracle, which accuses the Lidless Eye of Search (“search giant” is so tired) of violating its Java patents (tip o’ the antlers to Rob Enderle, and boy does that sound weird).

Remember when Oracle bought Sun? Boy, Google is probably trying to remember where it was when that happened. Was it even a player in that? Probably should have been instead of letting it get sold to a company run by one of Steve Jobs’s good friends.

A new document in a year-old patent lawsuit filed by Oracle against Google over Android intellectual property suggests Oracle could be seeking huge damages from Google.

The damages owed to Oracle, if granted by federal Judge William Alsup for the U.S. District Court for Northern California, would “far exceed any money Google has ever earned with Android” and could lead to a rewrite of Android’s Dalvik virtual machine, considered integral to Android and used by Android device manufacturers and potentially thousands of Android app developers, wrote one blogger, Florian Mueller, who writes about intellectual property issues involving the software industry.

Whew. That’s one long sentence that describes what could be a bad situation for the Lidless Eye of Search (hey, it’s catching on!). These things do sometimes work themselves out, but usually not without an exchange of a truckload of cash.

Google denies the charges and claims the case is an attack on open source.

Well, more like kinda open source. Open-when-we-feel-like-it source. We’ll-open-it-when-we-open-it source. Stop-asking-us-why-we-call-it-open-it’s-just-open-OK?! source. So, it’s come to this: the open/free alternative to iOS is neither free nor open.

Android does still have more market share, but, as the Macalope’s been saying, market share doesn’t mean anything if you’re not making money. And Oracle wants a piece of Google’s Android ad revenue, which is really why it got into this in the first place, isn’t it?

The Macalope has never completely understood Google’s game with Android (like when Verizon started replacing Google search with Bing on Android-based phones). As John Gruber has noted, a hardware operating system with apps that execute locally doesn’t seem as Googley as Chrome.

The horny one’s sure the giant pulsating brains at Google are smarter than what’s contained in his Classic Mac-shaped noggin, but it seems like a lot of work on something that could end up making Microsoft and Oracle a lot of money. The horny one’s not sure that’s what they had in mind when they set out to control their own destiny.

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