Weekly Wrap: WWDC, iCloud, iOS 5, Lion, fast iMacs, and much more

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We started the Weekly Wrap a few weeks ago, to help you catch up on Macworld stories you may have missed. But if you missed the big stories this past week, you might want to see your doctor; this was the week of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple’s annual event wherein it makes all sorts of exciting tech announcements. Missing our big stories the week of WWDC is like a football fan forgetting about the Super Bowl, or an American accidentally forgetting not to watch soccer. You’re here now, though, so let’s get started.

Worldwide Load

Unsurprisingly, our WWDC coverage was tops this week. The incomparable (and The Incomparable’s) Dan Moren and Jason Snell hosted our live blog, sharing each new juicy tidbit as Apple executives unveiled it. Apple unveiled iOS 5 for the first time, and we wrote up everything you need to know about it. And because we’re just as excited about iOS 5 as you, our coverage didn’t stop there: We wrote up first looks at iOS 5’s new notifications system and Reminders app; checked in with developers for their feedback; and analyzed which features may now force some developers to rethink their iOS strategies. Oh, and yours truly devoted about 1600 words to drooling, in public, over what iOS 5 will bring. Macworld says I’m financially responsible for replacing my shorted-out keyboard.

WWDC wasn’t just about iOS, of course. No less than Steve Jobs himself formally introduced us to iCloud, and Macworld’s crack team of punsters worked overtime to figure out every cloud-related joke we could make. They were on cloud nine, with their heads in the clouds, as they figured out whether an “iCloud reigns supreme” joke might work. Fortunately, their view wasn’t clouded, because we’re very cirrus about knocking our cloud jokes into the stratus-phere. With that out of our system, we wrote up everything you need to know about iCloud, along with an analysis of what iCloud means for MobileMe subscribers. We told you just what iCloud means, and Chris Breen offered a first look at iTunes in the Cloud.

And, of course, WWDC gave Apple another opportunity to dish on Lion, the next iteration of the Mac OS. It’s only going to cost you thirty bucks, and it’s going to be available via the Mac App Store. What’s next, a $500 iPad?

What’s that?

Are you kidding me?

You might be sensing a pattern here, because we indeed wrote up just what you need to know about Lion, too.

Our complete WWDC coverage also included a hugely popular keynote slideshow, a WWDC podcast, and Jason Snell’s analysis of WWDC through the lens of a mafia movie aficionado.

Oh, and Apple handed out Apple Design Awards. Three awards went to students, which led to this piece by Joel Mathis and perhaps our best headline of the week.

Other stuff happened this week, too?

Apparently, WWDC wasn’t the only news of the week. Walmart slashed the price on the 16GB iPhone 4. Apple updated the Find My iPhone app, iTunes (complete with iBookstore support), iBooks (with an update that didn’t, you know, work all that well), and the iMac’s graphics firmware.

Steve Jobs gave a smaller-scale keynote this week, lobbying the Cupertino City Council to grant Apple permission to build a new, massive, spaceship-shaped building. Apple finally banned DUI checkpoint apps. And the company also sought to wiggle its way into the Lodsys patent lawsuit against various iOS developers, citing the legal doctrines of, you know, wiggling.

How-to’s, tutorials, and lab tests

Senior Contributor Kirk McElhearn wrote up four ways to get the most out of your Dock. I like to send mine flowers on occasion, but Kirk’s ideas seem to work a bit better. Another Senior Contributor, Ted Landau, shed more light on ensuring that your Snow Leopard malware definitions update properly.

We also shared tips on printing multiple images on a single page, and our lab director Jim Galbraith reported on the fastest Mac we’ve ever tested. (Spoiler: It’s not a Mac Pro. Nor is it the little guy from Punch-Out.)

‘Til next time

Now, we’ll spend the weekend nursing our WWDC hangovers and wishing Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud were all officially released already. And we’ll toast you, dear reader, too: You took the time to catch up with the Weekly Wrap, and we really appreciate the effort.

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