Slideshow: Father's Day gifts your dad will love

Father's Day is Sunday, June 19th. Your Macworld editors and interns came up with this list of cool gift ideas at every price point. If you're not the gift-giving type, don't forget to call.

Personalized Gadget Cover

Personalized mugs are so passé. Give your dad a Coveroo iPhone case adorned with his name and a favorite family photo of the two of you together. Or how about an iPad case with a photo of his grandkids on it? Then he can show off his family to friends without even opening the Photos app. Your dad (and the patient strangers sitting next to him on the plane) will thank you.

Coveroo; $30-$55

Eye-Fi Card

The Eye-Fi memory card is great for dads who love taking and sharing photos. With built-in Wi-Fi capability, the card makes it possible for cameras to upload photos directly to photo-sharing services like Flickr or Picasa, or back to your Mac. The Eye-Fi cards can also connect with iOS devices, so after you shoot photos, they will load immediately onto an iPhone or iPad where they’ll be ready for sharing. Be prepared to see a lot more family photos on your dad’s Facebook page.

Eye-Fi; $50 to $100

Maglite XL100 LED Flashlight

It is the general consensus of the Macworld office that dads love flashlights. The cause of this phenomenon is unknown, but we have all seen our fathers get a little too excited about the candlepower of a neighbor’s flashlight. Our pick is Maglite’s new XL100 LED flashlight, a compact and sleek tool with five selectable modes—each with adjustable brightness and other features that can be activated through rotation. Check out the demo on Youtube to see all of its nifty features.

Maglite; $50

iTunes Gift Card

Give dad the power to purchase anything Apple's iTunes Store has to offer with an iTunes gift card. He can buy the music, movies, apps, and books he really wants. No matter how much money you put on the gift card, your dad will appreciate the freedom to spruce up his iOS device with the apps he really wants, and his iPod with the music that moves him.

Apple; $15-$100

D5100 DSLR camera

For snap-happy dads who are getting serious about their photography, the D5100 is a perfect Father’s Day gift. The newest of Nikon’s DSLR line offers a ton of photo and video tools such as HD movie capabilities, an HDR setting, an articulating LCD screen, and more. Dad can capture every moment with ease, and have beautiful shots to show off. If your dad is new to digital SLR photography, consider the entry-level (and less expensive) Canon T3i or Nikon D3100.

Nikon; $900


iPad 2

For a dad who is not extremely tech-savvy, the iPad 2 is a surprisingly good introductory device. The iOS interface is easy to understand and he can easily download apps to suit his every need. OhMyGolf HD can help him navigate the greens, he can read the New York Times without getting ink on his hands, and he can finally understand the magic and glory of Angry Birds. An iPad is also a great gift for dads who live far away, since it makes it easy to keep in touch. Soon enough, the conversation will turn from “Why don’t you ever call?” to “Why don’t you ever accept my FaceTime requests?”

Apple; $499

iRest Lap Stand for iPad

If your dad already has an iPad, help him get more out of it with a cool accessory like the iRest. The iRest can be used at his desk or on his lap, and it holds the iPad at an adjustable angle, which makes it easy to view the screen without straining. It is great for watching movies, using FaceTime (you still never call!), as well as general interaction with the iPad.

Rain Design Inc.; $50

Solar-Powered Backpack

If your dad is the outdoors type (or constantly forgets to charge his phone), this is the gift for him. With Voltaic’s Converter Solar Backpack, he can harness the sun’s power to charge everything from his iPhone to his camera. Four to five hours in the sun will charge an iPhone to full capacity. The backpack’s battery is also rechargeable via a USB power cable, in case it’s a cloudy day and he doesn’t want to leave the house without some surplus power in the bag.

Voltaic; $200

Lark Silent Waking System

Want to get your dad something that will improve his quality of life while making him feel like he’s living in an episode of The Jetsons? OK, so it’s not a flying car or a robot maid, but it is a really cool alarm clock. The Lark Pro Silent Waking System is an unassuming wristband that will record dad's sleeping patterns and send the information to an app on his smartphone. In the app, he can see exactly how much sleep he is getting and how he can improve his night’s rest. He can also set an alarm to set the wristband to silently vibrate—waking him, but not his sleeping partner.

Lark; $129.

Pogo Printer

Is your dad the Richard Avedon of cell phone photography? Help him make hard copies of his photos on the go with Polaroid’s tiny Pogo printer. Using his cell phone’s Bluetooth capabilities, he can print 2-by-3-inch borderless photos in a minute. The photos themselves are water-resistant, tear-proof, smudge-proof, dry to the touch after printing and have a peel-off back for optional wall-sticking. And, measuring in at 3-by-5-inches, the printer can fit in his jacket pocket. Unfortunately, the Pogo printer doesn’t work with the iPhone.

Polaroid; $40

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air

You know your dad has always wanted to listen to Led Zeppelin on a zeppelin-shaped speaker system. Here is your chance to make that dream come true. Bowers and Wilkins' Zeppelin Air speaker system is the first premium iPod speaker to use the new AirPlay streaming technology. You can either dock your iOS device or stream music from it wirelessly. If you have more than one Zeppelin Air, you can connect them to have a multi-room listening experience. "Stairway to Heaven" never sounded better.

Bowers & Wilkins; $599

Cobra iRadar

Do your childhood memories revolve around being the lookout for cops as your dad accelerates down the highway, testing the physical limits of the family’s station wagon? Then get your dad the Cobra iRadar detection unit. It’s the perfect gift for the daredevil dad. The unit has a 360-degree scanner for radar and laser guns, and will provide audio alerts for all radar and laser signals detected. If you use it with the free iRadar iPhone app, you can receive red light camera alerts and change the audio alert settings—perhaps to a recording of you yelling “Slow down, dad!”

Cobra; $130

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