Weekly Wrap: Drooling over Lion, ruminating over iCloud, and more

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Father’s Day is coming! But let’s face it: If you haven’t gotten a gift for Dad at this point, you’re probably just not going to. Instead, sit back and let us catch you up on the Macworld week that was.

Lion in wait

We know how you love drooling over Lion features. Serenity Caldwell ran away with this week’s pageview crown by posting not one, but two Lion rundowns. So pop on some Elton John in iTunes and check out her pieces on five new Lion features and five new things your apps can do with Lion, too.

Not all Lion news is good news, though. Chris Breen pointed out that since Lion drops support for Rosetta, older PowerPC apps won’t run anymore. If the thought of losing access to an older version of your favorite accounting software makes your pulse Quicken, make sure you also read through Chris’s guide on what else might prevent you from making the Lion upgrade.

Server gurus should read up on John C. Welch’s analysis of Lion Server. Non-server gurus should run away screaming.

Cloud clout

And while you’re lusting after Lion, make sure you save some your eagerness for daydreaming about iCloud. And while you do that, don’t miss Dan Moren’s excellent take on just how important iCloud really will be to Apple—and, by extension, the rest of us. Of course, the service might end up getting rechristened—weCloud, anyone?—if iCloud Communications’s lawsuit goes its way.

Unlocked and unloaded

Apple finally started selling unlocked iPhones to U.S. customers for the first time this week. Philip Michaels and I wrote up just what such iPhones are good for. And I put together a tutorial on setting up a new unlocked iPhone 4 on T-Mobile. I’m proud because I managed to cut down my SIM card without losing too much blood.

Helpful hints

We want to help you. Over the course of the week, we troubleshooted Mac startup woes, reminded you about enabling text substitutions in every app, and tried to help you cure the illness that is the dreaded spinning beachball of death. (No actual beachballs were harmed.)

And Ted Landau brought you up to speed on critical security updates from Microsoft and Adobe. Because Ted cares.

iOS, you OS

If the iPhone’s good enough for the space station, then it’s good enough to consider using as a universal remote. Sure, in space, no one can hear you ringtone, but in the comfort of your own home, no one can see the potato chip crumbs on your chest as you veg out in front of the telly. And if you’re in the market for a new HDTV, we’ve got a story on the specs that matter.

For iOS devotees who are also news junkies, we set CNN and The Daily against each other in a headline showdown. We also took a fresh look at USA Today for iPad. And we put together an essay on how at least one news junkie (ahem) uses his iPad to satisfy his news cravings.

Also worth noting for iOS users who rely on Google to power their email and calendars: significant updates to Google sync that make everything better.

And finally on the iOS front, Joel Mathis turned in a pair of reviews of location-focused apps: Google Places and Localscope. Ironically, though, now we can’t find Joel anywhere.

Gem and I

Dan Frakes kicked off the 2011 GemFest, wherein we tell you about oodles of excellent, affordable Mac apps. Gems that sparkled this week included the heavily-accented Déjà Vu backup utility, the cursor-freeing Wraparound, the open-source quack-free file-transfer utility Cyberduck, the time-tracking tool Time Sink, and the video converting VidConvert—which probably deserved a better descriptor just now.

That’s all, folks

Well, the header says that’s all, but there’s at least one other news story worth mentioning that didn’t fit anywhere else: Apple’s annual Back to School promotion is underway, and this year you get a $100 App Store gift card with any qualifying purchase. So, now’s the time to dig out your decades-old student ID and hope you can convince a blue-shirted Apple Store employee that you just have an old face. We’ll see you next week!

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