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A U.S. District Judge wants Apple and Samsung to sit down and have tea, Apple’s new campus is getting some love from neighboring cities, and Hulu has decided to play nice with those new App Store subscription rules. The remainders for Monday, June 20, 2011 are asking everyone to join hands and start a love train.

Top execs from Apple, Samsung meeting to discuss patent suit (AppleInsider)

Sure, this Samsung-Apple copycat patent suit has been getting pretty hot and heavy, but it looks like there still might be a chance to settle things out of court. At least, that’s what Apple attorney Harold McElhinny said to U.S District Judge Lucy Koh at last Friday’s hearing. According to McElhinny, high-level execs from both Samsung and Apple have been meeting privately to discuss the lawsuit; he apparently revealed this bit of information after Koh threatened to send him “with a box of chocolates, whatever” to patch things up between the two companies. It’s not a bad idea—just as long as the chocolate isn’t shaped like an iPhone. We don’t need Apple adding a chocolatier to its list of people to sue.

So far only elation, not border war, from neighbors over Apple mega-campus (Mercury News)

Apple’s proposed new campus will bring jobs, traffic, and over 12,000 people into the neighborhood, and residents of the surrounding cities aren’t complaining. One Sunnyvale resident even referenced the proposed campus as the next “eighth wonder of the world", putting it on par with such structures as the Great Wall of China, the Palm Islands of Dubai, and the Empire State Building. Good that the residents are excited—I hope they can keep that up when Apple fans make the pilgrimage down and start camping on their lawns.

Hulu Plus app tweaked oh-so-slightly to comply with Apple rules (TUAW)

Apple’s June 30 deadline for developers to implement new in-app purchase rules is right around the corner, and Hulu has taken that to heart, pushing out an update over the weekend that removed the link to sign up for Hulu Plus. As a result, Hulu is no longer required by the rules to add an in-app subscription option, thereby avoiding Apple taking a 30 percent cut of Hulu Plus subscriptions. Hopefully, consumers who download the Hulu Plus app without an account will be smart enough to realize they have to exit the app to sign up for the service—let’s just pray the amount of one-star reviews with the word “FAIL” in them is kept to a minimum.

Apple tried and failed to make a black MacBook Air (MacRumors)

Could the next version of the MacBook Air come in black? Probably not anytime soon, according to a source who spoke with MacRumors. Although the blog previously received several tips about the likelihood of a black model with this year’s refresh, the rumors were only half-right: According to the source, while Apple did experiment with the concept, the colored laptop "soaks up body oils, making the palm rest look pretty gross,” so the company nixed the idea. C’mon, guys! You just need a good slogan. Because nothing says sleek and classy like the oil from your palm.

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