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You know what kind of “-killer” the Macalope would like to see? A Stupid Articles Talking About How Some Device That’s Not Even Out Yet Is an Apple Product Killer-killer.

The latest entrant in this cloud-chasing steeplechase is Technorati’s Google Nexus 4: The Android Monster Soon Going To Kill iPhone (tip o’ the antlers to Kevin van Haaren).

Today I have a great news for all the android [sic] lovers, there are various news stories that are being shared about an android Monster [sic] called “Google Nexus 4” which is also being called as “An iPhone Killer.”

By dopes.

Imran Sarwar goes on to describe the “unconfirmed” smartphone’s so-very-sexy hardware specs that will cause users to swoon, drop their iPhones and migrate to Android. Because what really gets smartphone users going is an extra 0.2 GHz.

The Macalope thinks maybe Sarwar’s fallen prey to some Google marketing subterfuge. The Nexus 4 looks sexy in the photo on Boy Genius Report he pulls because it’s photographed naked on an animal skin. That’s really kind of an unfair comparison until we get a picture of an iPhone 5 on an animal skin.

Everything looks better naked on an animal skin.


The Macalope doesn’t get the envy, really. Android already has more market share than the iPhone and Android fans are still concerned about killing it? Isn't this kind of eliminationist rhetoric a little weird in the smartphone market?

Maybe the Nexus 4 will do great. But not everyone obsesses over specifications. What most iPhone users like about it is the user experience; the software and the App Store ecosystem. They have no idea what processor is in it.

Read the comments at the Boy Genius Report and you’ll see the kind of person who gets all hot and bothered by spec lists. Sorry, rumored spec lists. Photographing the phone on an animal skin is just completing the fantasy.

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