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Rumors of my return have been greatly, well, validated, I suppose. I’ve dragged myself back from an idyllic retreat to bring you the latest in Apple news rumors and tidbits—I hope you’re happy with yourselves. Feast upon iPhone 5 rumors, iPhone mapping rumors, and the all-too-true tale of an absconded server. The remainders for Thursday, June 23, 2011 were sitting by a lake mere days ago.

Apple Is Said to Be Preparing IPhone With Faster Chip for September Launch (Bloomberg)

A new, faster iPhone? I know: You’re shocked, I’m shocked, we’re all shocked for iShocked. But according to Bloomberg, an A5-powered handset is on its way for this fall, along with a cheaper iPhone model to appeal to customers in developing countries. Personally, I’m disappointed that this faster chip does not come in a chocolate variety.

Evidence in iOS 5 that Apple is Building Its Own Mapping Solution (MacRumors)

We’ve heard Apple say that it’s building a traffic-mapping system for a future version of iOS, but could that just be the tip of the iceberg? A handful of folks have engaged in extreme legal-disclaimer-reading for iOS 5, discovering a new section called “Map Data” that contains references to several different location data providers. Illuminating! Who else knows what might lie buried beneath the murky depths of those obtuse tomes of legalese: The real secret recipe for Coca-Cola? The truth about the Kennedy assassination? Perhaps even that argyle sock I lost one fall day in 2007!?

WWDC 2011 Session Videos (Apple)

The next best thing to being at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference? Watching the videos. Just under two weeks after the conference’s conclusion, Apple has posted videos of 218 sessions in both HD and SD versions. The videos are available to download for all registered Apple developers—though, sadly, there are no known recordings of any of the parties. Which is for the best. I hear.

The FBI stole an Instapaper server in an unrelated raid (Instapaper)

Web service Instapaper lost one of its servers to an FBI raid of its hosting provider. The legal action was aimed at another, unrelated company that hosted data there, with Instapaper’s server taken as, essentially, collateral damage. Maybe the feds just really needed some reading material.

Product News:

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