Transferring Stickies from one Mac to another

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Reader Wally Bock would like to unstick a collection of stickies on one Mac and plaster them to another. He writes:

I use Stickies to remember and organize stuff. But how can I move my Stickies notes from my iMac to my MacBook Pro so that I have the same info on both?

Hang on a sec. Let me make sure that they’re still putting Stickies on Macs these days… huh, whaddayaknow. (I kid.) (No, I totally don’t.)

Your Stickies notes are stored in a file called StickiesDatabase. You can find it by following this path youruserfolder/Library/StickiesDatabase. Just copy that file from this location on your iMac to the same location on your MacBook Pro (replacing the StickiesDatabase file on your laptop).

And now a note of my own: I had a dream last night that an upcoming version of the Mac OS would hide the Library folder inside your user folder. (Presumably because “normal” users wouldn’t wish to muck about with the items in this folder.) Thankfully, in this same dream, I recalled that if, in the Finder, you choose Go -> Go to Folder, enter ~/Library, and click Go, you’ll be taken inside this folder where you can manipulate files as you like.

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