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My least likely option, however, is sticking with what I have now. I believe that paying $16 a month for a service that was once $10 (and, just a few months before that, $9) irks me. I think the blame for that cost increase falls mostly on the shoulders of the studios that license content to Netflix, although the company hasn’t said so publicly. If enough likeminded customers scale back or cancel their Netflix subscriptions, I don’t know that it punishes the studios—but perhaps it will help send a message. (Particularly if we don’t all start—heaven forbid—buying DVDs again.)

Today, there are many movies on my DVD queue with Netflix that aren’t available to watch instantly. There are barely any films on my Watch Instantly queue that aren’t available on DVD. Thus, one option I’m considering—with a heavy heart—is dropping the streaming and sticking with an $8, DVD-only plan.

I’m also debating dropping Netflix completely, and then signing up for Hulu Plus and Zediva, or (less likely) Amazon Prime and Zediva. Zediva will let me watch new releases I’m interested in, and Hulu Plus just may enable me to cut the cable cord—though I still don’t know what to do about those Eagles games.

Of course, if I cut out cable completely, then maybe it’s worth it to stick with Netflix after all—in addition to Hulu Plus for current shows, since I’d be saving so much on the cable bill. But, at least where I live, the cable company raises your phone and Internet prices if you drop the TV package, so the savings are less substantial than I’d like.

What’s clear to me—and trust me, I get that this is a personal decision for each customer to make—is that Netflix is a no-brainer at $10 a month for DVDs and streaming. At $16 per month, though, it requires a lot more rumination.

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