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Acer says Apple has fired the first shot in a patent war, Verizon does a leadership switcheroo, Adobe says mea culpa about a supposed Lion bug, and Apple might be looking to enter the video-streaming market. The remainders for Friday, July 22, 2011 says war ain’t nothing but a heartbreaker, friend only to the undertaker.

Acer ready to face patent infringement challenges (DigiTimes)

Taiwan-based electronics maker Acer is girding its loins for battle, having seen Apple's suit against fellow Android smartphone manufacturer HTC; Acer chairman J.T. Wang commented to one publication that Apple is starting a patent war. Oh good, a war in which we sic lawyers on each other; I’m guessing the outcome is a lot like when Aliens fight Predators.

Verizon Names Lowell McAdam as CEO; Ivan Seidenberg to Remain Chairman (Verizon)

Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg is stepping aside to let Verizon President and COO Lowell McAdam take the reins, in a transition that began last year, but Seidenberg will remain the company's chairman. Word is the board got tired of Seidenberg's habit of stopping and spinning around to see if anybody was following him.

Correction regarding hardware acceleration of Flash Player on Mac OS X (Adobe)

Earlier this week, Adobe published a list of known issues with its products and Lion. As it turns out though, one specific cited incompatibility—that hardware video acceleration was disabled in Lion—was, well, totally incorrect. Adobe reported the initial issue based on a beta build of Lion and one particular Mac graphics chip. And this is a company that makes and deploys some of the world’s most widespread software.

Apple VP Greg Joswiak in Hamburg (YouTube)

It’s a video that opens with Apple VP of iPod, iPhone, and iOS product marketing Greg Joswiak on an exercise bike. Really, what more do you need to know? Plus you get a look at Joz's home screen, which contains—as far as I can tell—only a single non-Apple app. Also, don’t to be too worried if you're waiting on a reply from an email to Joz, he's apparently got a lot of unread messages.

Apple Said to Consider a Bid for Hulu (Bloomberg)

Is Apple in the market for video-streaming site Hulu? Bloomberg says the two companies are in early talks. Then again, Hulu is also reportedly in talks with Yahoo, Google, AT&T, and, by this point, probably that little coffee shop down the street from you too. The deal would give Apple—or whoever ended up purchasing Hulu—five years worth of licensing rights for popular TV shows and movies that nobody really wants to watch, all for the low low cost of around $2 billion—or about 2 percent of Apple's cash reserves.

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