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A low-cost iPhone 4 may or may not be on the way, but a Microsoft retail store definitely is coming—I can feel it in my bones. Elsewhere, an Apple patent filing may shed some light on an underappreciated part of the company's design, and one particular set of folks have no love for the iPad. The remainders for Thursday, July 28, 2011 are rolling back prices all over the place.

Leaked Photos of Low Cost iPhone 4 Prototype (MacRumors)

We've heard plenty of rumors about the forthcoming next-generation iPhone—too many, really—so let's change gears: One Vietnamese online forum—the same one that last year got ahold of an iPhone 4 prototype and an iPod touch with a camera—claims to have obtained pictures of a new, low-cost iPhone 4 prototype. The model appears to have a matte plastic back instead of glass and is running "a special version of iOS 4 with Expose-like multitasking." But does it have an air conditioner?

Microsoft Store coming to Seattle (Facebook)

Construction on a Microsoft Store is underway in Seattle's University Village. Which, as Electronista points out, also happens to be home to an Apple Store. I just hope someone records the inevitable Sharks vs. Jets face-off.

This is the tool Apple is using to cut out its logo on gadgets (9 to 5 Mac)

Ever wonder how that Apple logo on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad looks so smooth? Well, according to a patent unearthed by 9 to 5 Mac, a special tool may be responsible. The device in question supposedly allows the cutting of shapes without the cost that might be incurred by lasers or milling machines. Well, lasers, at least you'll always have the megalomaniacal villain market cornered.

IPads can't replace laptops for Japanese salarymen (SFGate)

As popular as the iPad is here in the U.S., it doesn't quite seem to have caught on for Japanese businessmen, who still long for their laptops when they need to enter data or crunch numbers. Personally, I consider my iPad's inability to adequately use a spreadsheet a feature. I call it "saving me from spreadsheets."

Product News:

Sidekick 4.0 - Oomph (formerly has rebranded and updated their location-based settings app, Sidekick (formerly known as NetworkLocation) to version 4.0. The application lets your Mac perform a variety of options depending on its current location, including changing your default printer, adjusting your volume, changing your desktop background, and much more. $29.

Hipmunk 1.1.3 - The latest update to the flight search app for iOS now tells you what flights have Wi-Fi onboard. Free.

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