Scosche myTrek exercise monitor hits the ground running

Months after it made a big splash at Macworld 2011, Scosche Industries’s myTrek exercise-monitoring system for iOS devices is finally hitting the market.

Like Gotality’s Cardio Fitness Pack, myTrek has both hardware and software components that help you set fitness goals and track your progress. The Bluetooth-enabled pulse monitor can be strapped to your arm; when used in conjunction with the free Scosche myTrek app for iPhone, it can give users the power to monitor and manage their pulse, training type, calories burned, music, and more, both during and after workouts. (See the video below for a demonstration.)

The system received a “best of show” award at Macworld 2011, where it impressed observers by transmitting pulse and other workout data from the armband wirelessly to the iPhone app; the system also includes customizable audio prompts that helps users know when to change their routine, speed, or intensity during a workout. The app retains all past workout data to let users monitor their broader workout trends.

The myTREK wireless pulse monitor retails for $130, and is available at—among other locations—Apple retail stores. The app is compatible with devices running iOS 4.2 or later.

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