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Could this be what the iPhone 5 looks like? I mean, sure, but for all we know it could also look like, say, a blue police box from 1963. Plus, the most exclusive of felonious iPad cases and 10 Things You May Not Know About Steve Jobs, But Probably Some of Which You Already Did. The remainders for Wednesday, August 10, 2011 learn something new every day.

This Could Be What Apple’s iPhone 5 Looks Like (MacRumors)

What to do when there are just no iPhone 5 rumors to rehash? Well, make some of your own, naturally! MacRumors commissioned design firm CiccareseDesign to make a high-quality, ultra-precise rendering of what the iPhone 5 may, in theory, possibly look like, based on supposed potential iPhone 5 cases reportedly leaked from some place that may in fact be China.

You know, or not.

The Bernie Madoff (Frederick James)

What better way to remember Ponzi schemer and all-around greedy no-goodnik Bernard Madoff than by buying an iPad case made out of his old...pants? That’s right, some designer bought up Madoff’s wardrobe at auction and refashioned them into iPad cases. The cases run between $250 and $500, but the ick factor is priceless.

10 Facts About Steve Jobs We Just Learned From CNBC’s Latest “Titans” Special (Business Insider)

Apparently, there’s a lot to learn about Steve Jobs from the CNBC “Titans” special that aired recently, and Business Insider has cataloged ten of them. Did you know that Apple used to fly a pirate flag? Or that Jobs and former CEO John Sculley haven’t spoken since 1983? Or that top ten lists are a great way to get traffic? I can’t wait for next week’s piece “15 Things I Just Picked Up While Reading the Back of My Cereal Box.”

Product News:

DockStar 2.1.11 - Ecamm Network's dock-enhancement plug-in for Mail has been updated to bring full Lion compatibility, including a Lion-style dock icon. $15 for a license; free update for licensed owners.

BBEdit 10.0.1 - Bare Bones Software has released version 10.0.1 of its text editor, which contains a number of bug fixes. Free update.

SoundHound 4.0.1 - Version 4.0.1 of the music app adds social-networking integration, showing tweets and Facebook updates from artists and bands, as well as stability and speed improvements. Free. ($7 SoundHound ∞ also updated.)

TextExpander 3.3.2 - Smile has updated its text expansion software to version 3.3.32, adding a fix for a bug that occurred while using the program in conjunction with Safari 5.1. (Password expansion is still not correctly handled in Safari 5.1, however). The update also fixes an issue with Microsoft Word where the font size could change. $35 for a license; update is free to licensed owners.

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