Remains of the Day: Don't call me surly

Apple makes another weak social connection, Apple’s forthcoming “spaceship” campus isn’t as big as previously thought, and diagramming patent suits is a great way to channel your inner high-school English teacher. The remainders for Wednesday, August 17, 2011 are in subject-verb agreement.

Apple's Online Store Gets More Social With Twitter and Facebook Links (MacRumors)

It’s happened to all of us: You’re browsing Apple’s online store and there’s a Mac Pro configuration that’s so sweet that it’s like pure sugar. But how to share it with your fellow Mac fanatics? Well, now you can directly post a link to certain products—currently only the Mac Pro and iPod classic—on Twitter or Facebook, thanks to the online store’s new built-in social integration. Though, to be fair, with the focus on those two products, this seems to be about as relevant as tweeting from Ping.

FYI: Steve Jobs' 'spaceship' is NOT bigger than the Pentagon (Fortune)

Turns out Apple’s new campus isn’t quite as big as the Pentagon, according to some revised math. Don’t worry: It’s still bigger than your house.

Someone Wants to Build a Glass-Roofed Apple Store on the Third Street Promenade (Curbed)

Ever look at an Apple Store and think “Hey, there just isn’t enough glass here.” Well, that may soon change: An unnamed retailer has proposed a Santa Monica space that would incorporate a transparent glass ceiling, in addition to a large glass facade. Then again, it’s not confirmed that this is in fact Apple we’re talking about here—this totally might just be a new Home Depot.

Mobile Patent Suits – Graphic of the Day (Reuters)

Once again, someone has attempted to distill the current patent conflicts in the mobile space into visual form. Or is it a map of the London Underground? Some days it’s hard to tell.

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