Weekly Wrap: Steve Jobs resigns, we debate Lion, and more

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What a strange week. We figured we’d spend the week sharing Lion tips, app reviews, and the latest Apple news. We did all that, of course, but we didn’t see Steve Jobs’s resignation coming. As the east coast battles severe weather, and the rest of the nation, you know, doesn’t—curl up with another edition of the Weekly Wrap.

A Jobs, Well, Done

The big news, of course, was Steve Jobs announcing his resignation as Apple’s CEO. Editorial director Jason Snell sought to assure you that Apple will be just fine under new CEO Tim Cook. But we’re not yet certain whether Apple will be able to continue its streak of exclusively naming CEOs whose last names can function as nouns. On the plus side, senior associate editor Dan Moren says you should be excited about Cook taking the helm.

Elsewhere, we attempted to explain that the emotional outpouring that followed Jobs’s announcement could easily be explained by understanding that, beyond running one of the nation’s most successful companies, he also changed people’s lives.

Hear Us Roar

We proffered a podcast packed with Lion pointers. Ted Landau offered up tips on taming Lion’s Safari (and Safari 5.1 on Snow Leopard, too). Speaking of Snow Leopard (did you catch my elegant segue?), we shared a hint about temporarily recreating its three-finger swiping behaviors in Lion.

We also showed you our favorite text-expansion tricks—and yet we still haven’t shared any great text-slimming advice, which, for my money, is evidence of a vast, text-fattening conspiracy.

Moren wrote about a Safari extension for performing searches right from the location bar, but I’m pretty sure I’m the one who told him about it. Senior editor Dan Frakes discovered a tool to make Launchpad less silly, and fellow senior editor Chris Breen reported on the death of iPhoto’s Time Machine interface in Lion. Of course, Chris isn’t actually ready to upgrade to Lion just yet, so I don’t understand how he knows about this.

Interested in Adobe’s new iWeb competitor Muse? We have a first look. And Terminal junkies might be interested to know about Lion’s built-in option for opening folders in Terminal. I don’t know how many folks will be interested in both stories; I think there are WYSIWYG Web tool fans and Terminal junkies in this world, and that you won’t exactly find the two circles overlapping in a Venn diagram.

Beyond the Mac

As he so often does—he can’t help himself, really—contributor Joel Mathis rounded up another collection of iOS accessories. Senior contributor Ben Long shared his advice on picking the best camera for the job. Yours truly went hands-on—or, I suppose, ears-on—with the new 3D LiveAudio plug-in for the Jambox Bluetooth speaker. And senior contributor Kirk McElhearn wrote a love letter to the iPod classic; I believe that they’re connected because both Kirk’s last name and the iPod sport intercaps. And good news for iOS-printing enthusiasts: You can rejoice in knowing that Samsung’s new line of printers offer iPad and iPhone support—but it’s worth noting that you have a strange hobby.

With that, another Wrap has wrapped. We’ll be back next Saturday to fill you in on our biggest stories from the week gone by (or rather, the week about to come). I for one feel safe wagering that Tim Cook won’t have resigned by then.

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