Long-time Mac users are familiar with the OS Acceptance Cycle: Apple announces a new version of OS X, everyone gets excited about its new features, the upgrade ships, early adopters either laud or loathe the thing, and then the bulk of the Mac world eventually gives it a shot and responds with a more realistic reaction.

We’re now in the last stage of the cycle where we have a better idea of what Lion is and isn’t good for. With that in mind, Kirk McElhearn joins me to talk about some of Lion’s annoyances—specifically, where iCal falls down. Later in the discussion we talk generally about Lion’s features and, in a complete change of subject, how Kirk is dealing with ripping and cataloging a massive Grateful Dead release.

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We refer to a couple of articles penned by Kirk. The first is How to Make Lion’s iCal Less Annoying and How to Make Lion More Like Snow Leopard. And then there’s my own Why I’m Not Committing to Lion—yet.

Kirk is a prolific guy. Check out his Kirkville blog, chat with him on Twitter @mcelhearn, and check out his latest Take Control e-book, Take Control of Scrivener 2.

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At a Glance
  • At $30 for all of your Macs, the only reason not to upgrade to Lion is because you rely on old PowerPC-based apps that won’t run on it. Otherwise, it’s a great price for a major upgrade.

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