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iMessage may be the next iOS feature to come back to the Mac; ebooks are invading your social network and your coffee shop; and your next iPad may be fabricados no Brasil! The remainders for Wednesday, September 14, 2011 are a multinational global corporation bent on world domination.

Apple is Building iMessage into OS X Lion’s iChat (MacRumors)

FaceTime jumped from iOS to the Mac, so why not iMessage? The forthcoming iOS 5 feature may surface in a future version of iChat, according to one developer who’s been digging through code for the chat client. Just one more piece of evidence that some day I’m going to sit down at my desk and discover that Apple has replaced my Mac with a 27-inch iPad. *wakes up in cold sweat*

If a MacBook Air Were as Inefficient as a 1991 Computer, the Battery Would Last 2.5 Seconds (The Atlantic)

Also, it would weigh 20 pounds. More of a MacBook Lead, really.

iBookstore on Twitter (Twitter)

Now you can keep up with Apple’s ebook marketplace on Twitter. So now I have to read about reading? Who came up with this plan, my seventh-grade English teacher? (Hey, Mr. Y!)

Starbucks and Apple launch Pick of the Week (TUAW)

Speaking of the iBookstore, Apple and Starbucks have rejiggered their “Pick of the Week” program to include videos, apps, and, yes, books. Every week, they’ll offer one item for free to customers of the coffee shop. And, in a new reverse promotion, if you buy that selected item from the iTunes Store, a half-caf venti skim mochachino, no foam will be delivered directly to your door by a very tired barista.

New iPad Factory in Brazil Is “Ready”, Already Making iPads for December (MacStories)

Apparently, Apple supplier Foxconn’s new factory in Brazil is already churning out iPads for the holiday season. Wait a second, but isn’t winter in the southern hemisphere summer up here? So shouldn’t those iPads already have shipped?

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