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Dear eWeek: We have to talk. Because these top-10 slideshows? Honey, this is no good.

The Macalope has seen this kind of self-destructive behavior before, and it only ends in one place: face-down in a dumpster outside Reno, hopped up on cough syrup and Red Bull, and wearing a homemade Philly Phanatic costume.

It’s time to admit you have a problem.

Oh, sure, the slideshows might have seemed cute when you started. They’re easy to write and generate 10 times as many ad impressions, but now they’ve reached the stage where they’re more a call for help than anything else. Like the latest from Don Reisinger.

Apple iPad 3 Might Face Trouble at Launch: 10 Reasons Why

Here we go. There are 10 points and we’re gonna do them all!

1. The Android Juggernaut

Although it has taken longer than Google would have liked, Android is now starting to catch on in the tablet space.

It is? According to who? Gosh, it seems like just last week the Macalope was pointing to a piece that said iPad market share was up while Android tablets’ share was actually down and OH YEAH, IT WAS JUST LAST WEEK.

Consumers are increasingly finding that Android-based platforms are worth trying out, and the iPad, in turn, is being negatively affected. Luckily for Apple, that negative impact has been relatively slight so far.

A negative impact so slight that it’s actually positive.

But if the iPad 3 launches next year, the Android effect on sales could be bigger than some folks want to admit.

Folks who don’t live the rich fantasy life of Don Reisinger, where negative numbers are positive ones.

2. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Is a Nice Alternative

“Android Tablets: Not That Bad!”

3. How Different Can Its Components Be?

Over the past year, such similarity hasn’t really hurt Apple. But will it next year when Android is more popular and it’s facing many more worthwhile competitors?

“Android Tablets: Just Wait ‘Til Next Year!”

It’s as if we’re all in a car that Don is driving down Speculation Lane like a reckless drunk, careening over the curbs of fact and knocking over the mailboxes of believability.

4. Do Customers Really Need a New iPad Each Year?

Does everyone buy a new Mac every year? No. Do Macs still sell well every year? Yes. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!

5. The iPhone 5 Could Hurt It

After all, if one group of rumors, which suggests the iPad 3 will launch in October, is true, how can Apple get people to buy both of its mobile devices?

According to this one rumor, time has lost its linear nature! All things are happening at once! Apple cannot control this quantum conundrum!

(You know, sometimes the Macalope really loves his job.)

6. Consumers Are Looking for Bigger Displays

This may be the Macalope’s favorite. But it’s admittedly hard to pick.

Don says consumers want bigger displays not once, but three times. Three times in a 91-word list item. Yet, he provides no links to back up that assertion. It’s just obvious, right?! Duh! Consumers want to lug around larger screens! They’d love to lug around gigantic 42-inch screens, but Apple doesn’t offer the breadth of options that other OEMs do! Dur-hey! So obvious! Dur-hickey!

Once again, the iPad 3 could be trumped by devices featuring 10.1-inch screens.

The screen on the iPad is 9.7 inches. The Macalope defies Don to find a meaningful collection of consumers who would buy an Android tablet over an iPad because of a 0.4-inch difference in the screen size.

7. Apple Has Made No Commitment to 4G

Neither have consumers. Sure, 4G is the wave of the future and Apple’s got to get on it some time in the near future but, just between the two of us, Don, it doesn’t seem to have hurt them much yet.

8. Price Crunch?

Oh, God, no, wait, maybe this one’s the Macalope’s favorite.

When the HP TouchPad was discontinued, the company decided to get rid of its inventory by cutting the price of the cheapest version of the device down to $99. Soon after, a sales bonanza commenced, causing the device to sell out and HP to promise another run of the devices.

Are you ready for this? The Macalope’s not sure you’re ready for this. You might want to do some deep knee bends and some breathing exercises first so you don’t cramp up from all the laughing.

OK, now? Here we go.

That success has prompted some in the tablet community to speculate that better pricing against the iPad could be the ticket to success.

Only Don Reisinger could try to spin a going-out-of-business firesale as a “success.” Bra-vo.

So, Android OEMs, all you’ve got to do to beat the iPad is lower prices! So low you go out of business! It’s easy!

9. Who Knows What the Patent Picture Will Look Like?

Hey, sure! Other future things we don’t know about that may spell doom for the iPad: the economy, global warming, the possibility of an asteroid colliding with the Earth, a Hollywood movie remake of “What’s Happening!!” featuring an all-CGI-baby cast and, of course, the ever-present potential for an invasion by space aliens that lies like a cloud over our daily lives.

10. The Google-Motorola Threat

…by the beginning of next year when the iPad 3 could launch, expect the device to be facing off with a serious Motorola (and Google) competitor.

That killer Android tablet is always just over the horizon.

It’s amazing that he got through that whole thing without mentioning the one game-changer that may actually be coming up: the Amazon tablet. Depending on where the device’s price point is, the rumored Amazon tablet might not even be designed to compete against the iPad, but it’s still more likely to be a threat to Apple’s tablet than the iPhone 5.

eWeek, eWeek, eWeek. Is this how you want to go through life? Is this where you saw yourself when you decided to get into technology journalism? Get help.

Or, you know what? Don’t. Because it’s actually really, really funny.


The Macalope

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