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Despite having hooves instead of feet, the Macalope was looking for another shoe last month: the shoe that is the breakdown of Google’s mobile search numbers. Thanks to Uncle Sam holding hearings on Google’s search monopoly, that shoe has now dropped—and we know that it smells mostly like Apple’s foot.

Noting that Google had a great quarterly earnings report, the horny one added:

The company did have a great quarter, but when it talks about how great “mobile search” is for it, note it’s not saying “Android search.”

How much of Google’s mobile search is done on iOS? Turns out about two-thirds.

But as part of the testimony, [Google counsel] Creighton said briefly (before she was cut off) that 2/3rds of mobile search comes from Apple iOS devices. That’s pretty interesting considering the share of Android devices in the market. But not altogether surprising considering the web browser market share which includes those millions and millions of iPads.

Google knows better than the Macalope whether all the effort it puts into Android is worthwhile, but the horny one keeps wondering how much the company really gets out of it.

There’s even some question if Google’s going to continue to get anything out of it. Apple followers tend to focus on the lawsuits that involve Apple (although we have found Microsoft’s ability to tithe Android OEMs to be confusingly schadenfreudelicious), but Oracle’s suit against Google drives more to the core of Android.

The bottom line is that a Java license can become more costly, possibly even far more costly, to Google than the proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility if Oracle obtains an injunction that Google can’t engineer around.

Really, the Macalope has no desire to see Android get squashed like a bug. He likes competition. Hey, Android got notifications right before iOS did. Even if you’re never going to use Android in a million years, there’s value in having it around.

But what the Macalope does object to is silly pundits who believe it’s all peaches and cream for Android while iOS dines on nothing but disgustingly alliterative sandwiches. Apple makes more money off its mobile platform than anyone else makes off their own. That, in a capitalist economy, is winning. Period. End of sentence. Full stop.

Despite that, right now, at this very minute, somewhere some dimwit’s writing a piece on how Android is beating iOS.

Nothing you can do about it. Dope springs eternal.

[Editors’ Note: In addition to being a mythical beast, the Macalope is not an employee of Macworld. As a result, the Macalope is always free to criticize any media organization. Even ours.]

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