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Psystar is determined to drag its court case all the way to the top before failing; the Apple TV may be about to kick off its continental tour; and we bid a fond adieu to a bygone era of gaming. The remainders for Friday, September 30, 2011 would like to ask for a moment of silence.

Mac clone maker may take fight with Apple to Supreme Court (Computerworld)

No, no, no. Don’t you realize, Psystar, that by threatening to appeal your case to the Supreme Court, you’ve totally ruined my “psyonara” joke from earlier this week? Also, when a district court and an appeals court have already ruled against you, you probably have a better chance of getting heard by the Supremes than, you know, the Supremes.

Apple TV to Launch in 7 New European Countries Next Tuesday (MacRumors)

Is the Apple TV on the cusp of taking Europe by storm? That’s what MacRumors says. The set-top box may land across the pond next week, concurrent with Apple’s special event. Only Apple could produce something that has to pick up seven languages on the fly while still being considered “a hobby.”

Samsung Offers Deal to Put Off Apple Dispute (Wall Street Journal)

Samsung apparently wants to play the part of Monty Hall. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly clear what the South Korea-based company wants from—or, for that matter, is offering—Apple in order to be able to sell its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia. For our part, we hope it’s a big sticker on each box that reads “Maybe you should consider an iPad.”

Apple removes click-wheel games from iTunes as iPod classic lives its last days (AppleInsider)

Alas, poor Click Wheel iPod Games! I knew them, Horatio. The section of the App Store that catered to Apple’s pre-touchscreen devices has disappeared once and for all, taking classics like Tetris, Vortex, and Texas Hold’Em, with it. I would shed a tear, but I’m too busy playing Tiny Wings.

A Look at Apple’s Assistant Interface for the New iPhone (MacRumors)

If you’ve been paying attention to the Apple rumor mill—grinding out fresh, fine-grained rumors since 1867—you’ve no doubt heard whispers of the iPhone 5’s supposed “Assistant” feature. Based on Siri, an app that Cupertino picked up back in 2010, Assistant in theory would expand iOS’s voice-recognition capabilities. MacRumors has produced image and video mockups of what Assistant might look like, and how it might work. One rumor? Assistant might integrate with Wolfram Alpha, finally letting you ask your iPhone about the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow.

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