Weekly Wrap: iPhone 5 predictions, new Kindles, malware, and more

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Amazon’s long-rumored tablet was finally revealed, while Apple’s long-rumored iPhone update is just one Tuesday event away from happening. It was a busy week in the world of tech, but don’t worry if you couldn’t keep up with all of it—The Weekly Wrap is here to help you keep your Kindle Fires separate from your iPhones-to-be.

Bugs & Fixes: AT&T (over?)charges for mystery data usage

Turns out some folks see (much!) higher-than-expected data charges on their iPhone bills, and they can’t figure out why. Ted Landau has the answer: It turns out that when birds get VERY angry, they start downloading Gone with the Wind to your iPhone again and again.

Speedy Thunderbolt devices slowly coming to market

Thunderbolt is supposed to be super fast—but the rollout of Thunderbolt accessories has been slow. That’s the opposite! Joel Mathis investigates, though unfortunately he spends no time investigating precisely what a bolt of thunder would be exactly. Bolts of lightning, sure. But thunder?

The new Kindles: Which to choose?

Amazon unveiled not one, but three new Kindle models. Which one’s right for you? The newly keyboardless Kindle? The touch-screen e-ink Kindle? Or the Kindle Fire color tablet? And perhaps even more importantly, which Kindle Fire-related pun is right for you when it comes time to make silly headlines about it? “We didn’t start the Fire?”, “Amazon to iPad: You’re Fired!”, or perhaps, “Amazon’s Kindling starts a Fire.” (There is no right answer.)

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Server

John C. Welch describes a lot of Lion Server good points, but he faults it for documentation that he terms “woefully skimpy.” Hollywood has now optioned that phrase for a forthcoming feature about an exotic dancer with a Lion’s heart of gold.

What Apple might announce at next week’s iPhone event

Apple announced an October 4 iPhone event, which of course Macworld will cover live. But since it hasn’t happened yet, I made various guesses about what Apple might announce that day. “We’re switching to Android” offers 10,000 to 1 odds. (Various editors podcasted their predictions, too.)

Three tips for using iTunes on a small display

These steps for maximizing your iTunes experience on a tiny dispaly are fairly easy to follow. Well, except for step one, which is, “Shrink yourself down to thumb size.”

Apple malware update protects against PDF Trojan horse

It’s true: Macs aren’t immune from malware. But things are far, far worse for Windows users. Especially because, you know, they use Windows every day.

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