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It’s the big day and expectations are all unreasonably set so that if Apple doesn’t announce eight different 4G iPhones in capacities up to 250 GB it’ll be a tremendous letdown.

Take Business Insider, which says “Looks Like We May Be Stuck With Just An iPhone 4S After All.”

Indeed, it would be terrible to be “stuck” with an improved version of one of the hottest selling phones out there. How ever will we live?

In addition to Business Insider, there are a host of smaller sites that seem to be in the unreasonable expectation business. Some place called MacTrast goes further than Business Insider claiming “Apple Would Be Unwise Not To Release A Redesigned iPhone 5.”

And this is when you choose to tell them? The weekend before the event? Where were you 18 months ago when they could have used this tremendous insight?

The Macalope won’t quote these sites because some fish are too small to shoot. But there sure are a lot of them down there at the bottom of this barrel.

148Apps, another place the Macalope had never heard of, explains “Why Apple Needs an iPhone 5 not an iPhone 4S”, while yet another site the Macalope had never heard of, AppAdvice, wonders “Is Apple Setting Itself Up For Media Suicide Without An iPhone 5?

OK, wait, wait, wait. One quote.

All this seems to suggest quite strongly that Apple doesn’t have much to unveil, and really wants to control the message. That is, it seems like all Apple has is an “iPhone 4S.” Let’s face it, this is complete suicide.

Complete. Suicide. Emphasis theirs.

Dan Frommer takes the sensible opposing view and tells people “Don’t be disappointed if Apple doesn’t announce an “iPhone 5” tomorrow”.

But no matter what, it would be silly to be disappointed by “only an iPhone 4S.” If there’s anything Apple needs to do, it’s to increase iPhone distribution in the U.S. and further differentiate itself with software and services—not just show up with a new case design.

Well, yeah. Some people, however, think it’s all just about optics. “It’ll look terrible for Tim Cook if there’s no revolutionary new iPhone!” These are the people who don’t get it when Apple quietly goes on to sell a bajillion of them.

Assuming Apple does announce “just” a 4S today, expect a collection of cries that the sky is falling and Apple is dooooomed.

So, basically a typical Tuesday.

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