Steve Jobs through the years

During a 14-year stint as Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs introduced some memorable products and offered a commanding presence in the world of tech and beyond.

Jobs on the first issue of Macworld

January 1984: Steve Jobs introduces the Mac, and we introduce a new monthly magazine devoted to it.

Jobs reveals the iPod

October 23, 2001: Ten years ago, Apple introduced the first iPod, which quickly became the standard for music players and bolstered the company’s fortunes.

Jobs and Gates

May 30, 2007: The two titans of the tech world sat down for a joint interview at the All Things Digital Conference.

Jobs returns

September 9, 2009: After undergoing a liver transplant in 2009, Steve Jobs returned to his CEO duties, making his first public appearance at Apple’s annual fall music event.

Launching the iPad

January 27, 2010: Steve Jobs shows off the first iPad.

Steve and Woz

January 27, 2010: At the launch of the original iPad, Steve Jobs takes a moment to remember the early years with Steve Wozniak.

Jobs and iOS 4

April 8, 2010: The mobile marketplace has become an increasingly important part of Apple’s business; Steve Jobs leads the charge at the iOS 4 developer preview event.

Jobs unveils the iPhone 4

June 7, 2010: An Apple-built phone was long a pipe dream, but in 2007, Apple launched the iPhone. Three years later, Steve Jobs enjoys the iPhone 4’s WWDC coming-out party.

Jobs at his favorite intersection

June 2010: “We’ve always tried to be at the intersection of technology and liberal arts, to be able to get the best of both, to make extremely advanced products from a technology point of view, but also have them be intuitive, easy to use, fun to use, so that they really fit the users—the users don’t have to come to them, they come to the user.”

Back to Mac

October 20, 2010: Steve Jobs shows off Lion at last fall’s Back to the Mac event.

Legendary stage presence

March 2, 2011: He may have been out on medical leave at the time, but that didn’t stop Jobs from appearing at the iPad 2’s unveiling earlier this year.

Mobile Jobs

March 2, 2011: “Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything,” Jobs said in 2007. “One is very fortunate if you get to work on just one of these in your career. Apple’s been very fortunate. It’s been able to introduce a few of these into the world.” In 2011, Jobs got to look back at some of his company’s greatest hits.

Jobs at WWDC 2011

June 6, 2011: In one of his last public appearances as CEO, Steve Jobs commands the stage at this summer’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

Jobs leaves the stage

March 2, 2011: Steve Jobs exits the stage at the iPad 2 event.

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