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With the iPhone 4S debuting this week, a number of new cases are hitting the market, and we at Macworld are, as always, on hand to report on them in our weekly iPhone case roundup.

But first, a public-service announcement: In case you've been wondering if existing iPhone 4 cases will fit the iPhone 4, the answer is a firm probably. You may recall that when the Verizon (CDMA) version of the iPhone 4 was released, we noted minor differences in the layout of the phone's Ring/Silent switch. Specifically, on a Verizon iPhone 4, the switch is closer to the bottom of the phone. As a result, some cases made for the AT&T iPhone 4 that have a precision-cut opening for the Ring/Silent switch block that switch on the Verizon iPhone. Well, when it comes to case fit, the iPhone 4S is identical to the Verizon iPhone 4, including the location of the Ring/Silent switch. So any iPhone 4 case designed to fit the Verizon iPhone 4 or both the GSM and CDMA versions of the phone should fit the iPhone 4S fine. See, there's a benefit to Apple keeping the iPhone 4's overall design!

With that out of the way, let's take a look at what's new this week.

Caze's Floral Bling Swarovski
Caze's Floral Bling Swarovski

Caze: The company's Floral Bling Swarovski and Bling RR Swarovski (iPhone 4 and 4S; $89 each) have been updated to fit Apple's newest mobile device. Each sports more than two hundred authentic Swarovski crystals in a variety of patterns, and is available in black, blue, pink, or white. Also included in the package is an fingerprint-resistant screen protector, a microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth, and ten extra crystal beads for do-it-yourself repairs.

Keyston Eco's SLIDER
Keystone Eco's Slider

Concord Keystone: The Slider (iPhone 4 and 4S; $50) combines a Bluetooth keyboard with a case. Yes, you read right: a Bluetooth keyboard that slides out of an iPhone case, thus combining old-school text input with the convenience and safety of a protective accessory. According to the manufacturer, a full charge of the keyboard gives up to thirty hours of uninterrupted usage, making the case, which comes in black, an excellent companion for even the most extended of trips.

Griffin's Woogie2
Griffin's Woogie 2

Griffin Technology: Cuteness alert! Griffin has just released the Woogie 2 (all iPhone and iPod touch models; $20), an updated version of its decidedly unique, pentapus-shaped plushie case for young (and young-at-heart) Apple enthusiasts. It comes in blue or purple, with pink or green highlights and an impossible-to-resist look.

iSkin's Aura
iSkin's Aura

iSkin: The Aura (iPhone 4 and 4S; $40) is super thin and made of aircraft-grade aluminium to provide durable protection without adding bulk to your phone. It's dock-cradle-friendly and comes in silver, tarnished silver, or blue.

The Revo4 (iPhone 4 and 4S; $45)—slogan: “Rugged Good Looks”—is made of premium, Japanese silicone that provides excellent protection and softness in a hypoallergenic package that's also non-porous, moisture resistant, and resistant to microbial contamination. The Revo4 comes in blue, red, white, yellow, purple, or black.

Incipio's Stowaway
Incipio's Stowaway

Incipio: The Stowaway (iPhone 4 and 4S; $40) combines a hardshell case with a silicone core for dual protection in a package that also includes a special “stowaway” pocket for stashing your credit card, driver's license, and paper money. It comes in black and makes for a great way to get rid of your wallet once and for all!

Marware's DoubleTake
Marware's DoubleTake

Marware: The Membrane (iPhone 4 and 4s; $15) is, according to the manufacturer, the thinnest iPhone 4S case out there at just 0.35mm thick; it weighs in at just 0.1 ounces. Made of polypropylene, it's compatible with all iPhone 4 models and comes in translucent shades of black, white, pink, or blue.

The DoubleTake (iPhone 4 and 4S; $25) combines soft rubber and rigid polycarbonate for a unique feel and superior grip. A window on the back of the cover keeps your handset's Apple logo visible, while a raised bumper helps protect the front screen. The DoubleTake comes in black with pink, white, or black accents; it's also available in a special glow-in-the-dark version for $30.

Finally, the C.E.O. Prestige (iPhone 4 and 4S; $30) is a belt holster made entirely of genuine leather. Its push-through bottom allows for quick and easy removal of the phone when you need it, and a set of soft magnets keep the front flap closed during transport. A Plus version (iPhone 4 and 4S; $35) includes the aforementioned Membrane case for the ultimate protection in and out of your pocket.

USBFever's Twine Leather
USBFever's Twine Leather

USBFever: Despite its name, the Twine Leather (iPhone 4 and 4S; $23) eschews animal products in favour of a polycarbonate shell covered with a carbon-pattern, synthetic-leather exterior and a mirofiber interior. It comes in black or white.

The Tuneprism (iPhone 4 and 4S; $20) is made of a rubberized-TPU material for protection and a soft grip in your hand. Weighing in at just 16 grams, the Tuneprism comes in translucent shades of pink, red, turquoise, or black.

XtremeMac's Tuffwrap
XtremeMac's Tuffwrap

XtremeMac: The Tuffwrap Shift (iPhone 4 and 4S; $30) is a snap-on case made of a special material that changes color on contact with your hand; it comes in purple/blue and orange/yellow color combinations.

The Microshield (iPhone 4 and 4S; $30) is a rigid-plastic case with a smooth, metallic finish that makes it easy to slide the phone in and out of your pocket. The case comes in a variety of colors, including pearl, blue, purple, grey, tan, and white.

The company also offers two variations of the Microshield. The first, called Microshield Style (iPhone 4 and and 4S; $25), is available in a number of faux-leather motifs such as ostrich, brown snakeskin, or silver snakeskin. The second, christened Microshield Layers, features a multi-layer construction that combines an interchangeable color panel with a black or white mask.

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