Remains of the Day: Beam me up, Siri

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Siri’s been ported to the iPhone 4, a studio chief fondly remembers Steve Jobs's heckling, and fame does not buy happiness—or iPhones, apparently. The remainders for Monday, October 17, 2011, are ready to blast off.

Jersey Shore’s ‘The Situation’ kicked out of Apple Store (MSNBC)

Common courtesy aside, it’s generally not a good idea to cut in line. And yes, even if you’re a semi-but-not-really-famous reality television star, these rules still apply, as Jersey Shore star Michael Sorrentino discovered when he tried to cut an iPhone 4S line in Las Vegas on Sunday. Employees were less than amused, and asked him to leave. (For the line populace, that was probably better reality television than anything he’s starred in.)

Siri voice command system ported from iPhone 4S to iPhone 4 (9to5 Mac)

Siri on an iPhone 4? Not so impossible, according to 9to5 Mac. Working with developer Steven Troughton-Smith, the website has put up initial videos of Apple’s voice-activated assistant running on previous-generation hardware (though sluggishly, thanks to missing GPU drivers). Poor Siri can’t communicate with Apple’s central servers, however, as the company isn’t authenticating calls from an iPhone 4. So, really, you’re just ending up with a snarky personality who thinks they know everything, but actually won’t help you with anything. Those who already have teenagers probably shouldn’t bother with the hack.

A Studio Chief Pens Revealing First-Person Steve Jobs Remembrance (The Hollywood Reporter)

Fox’s Filmed Entertainment co-chairman and CEO wrote a nice first-person reflection about Steve Jobs for this week’s Hollywood Reporter, reflecting on the trials and tribulations of getting the studio set up on the iTunes Store. One highlight: Jobs threatening to fly to Greece—where Gianopulos was on vacation—to work out some last-minute details. Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no river wide enough, ain’t no continent far enough to keep Jobs from, erm, “negotiating” with you.

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