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It was a record week for Apple. iPhone 4S sales numbers are astronomical, Apple’s financial picture looks rosy, and CEO Tim Cook promises that the company will see best-ever iPhone sales by the end of the current quarter. We hate to sound like a broken record, but Apple keeps breaking records. Here’s a roundup of that news and other popular Macworld stories from the week gone by.

iPhones, iPads, and iOS

As you enjoy our iPhone 4S coverage, be sure to take note of the awkward constructions we’ll employ to avoid finding some way to pluralize iPhone 4S. That makes it trickier to write about the four million Apple announced were sold in the device’s first three days of availability—but we found a way. Buoyed by the 4S’s popularity, developers are eager to find ways to hook into Siri, even though Apple hasn’t yet offered an official approach for doing so.

C Spire announced that it would become the fourth U.S. iPhone carrier. It’s no surprise that C Spire wants in on the iPhone action, since both AT&T and Verizon are enjoying the financial fruits of Apple’s labors.

Whether you’re rocking a brand new 4S or an older model iPhone, Macworld is happy to help you make sense of the ever-growing App Store. Among the apps we covered this past week:

On the how-to side, we wrote up how to bulk delete iPhone email, how to turn off iOS 5 notifications, and how to make custom alert tones.

The Mac

We would never neglect the Mac side of Apple’s business. That’s why we offered up advice on working with Auto Save. We also shared our review of iTunes 10.5, which in part scores well since it helps you spend less time actually using iTunes. And if you spend a lot of time using Mail, you may find our tip on filing flagged messages useful.

In non-Apple software news, RestoreMeNot can help you restore your sanity by telling certain apps not to automatically restore their last open windows. Black Pixel acquired Kaleidoscope and Versions from Sofa. We wrote up a detailed tutorial on creating scalable vector halftones in Illustrator, though if you understand what that means, it’s quite possible you already know how to do it, too. And if you’re in the mood for a truly graphic story, don’t miss our review of gfxCardStatus, a utility for monitoring your MacBook Pro’s graphics card usage.

Don’t forget to read up on the latest Trojan horse to threaten the Mac; this one tries to disable your Mac’s built in malware removal technology, too. It’s enough to make you think that the people who create such Trojan horses aren’t actually that nice.

Apple’s money

Christmas comes but once a year, but Apple’s earnings calls come quarterly. Our liveblog was surprisingly typo-free, and went much better than the deadblog we considered. All-time highs for Mac and iPad sales drove Apple to a record-breaking quarter, and as we said at the outset, Tim Cook promises Apple will sell a record number of iPhones this quarter. In fact, Cook has plenty to see, and we highlighted the best of it.

And now you’ve read the best of this week’s edition of the Weekly Wrap. But remember, your work’s not done until you’ve read every single article we linked. There will be a quiz later. And the quiz won't be digital; it's a printout. So you better hope that Mark isn’t the only master of paper around.

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