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One of Siri’s creators says goodbye, a missing interview of Steve Jobs surfaces, and it turns out that no iPhones were used in the creation of one of next year’s most anticipated feature films. The remainders for Monday, October 24, 2011 will take the money and run.

Siri Co-Founder Kittlaus Departs From Apple (All Things D)

You might not know—or, frankly, be able to pronounce—the name Dag Kittlaus, but you’ve seen his work: He was co-founder and CEO of the company that created Siri. But, having seen his baby acquired by Apple and now launched as part of the iPhone 4S, Kittlaus has apparently decided that it’s time to move on. It’s unclear where he’s going from here—fortunately, he has an intelligent assistant to direct him.

Apple Retail Stores to Offer In-Store Pickup of Online Orders (MacRumors)

According to the folks at MacRumors, Apple retail stores may soon let you pick up an online order from your local brick-and-mortar shop. I still won’t be satisfied until I can pick up my brick-and-mortar orders on the online store.

The Steve Jobs Interview (I, Cringely)

In 1995, Robert X. Cringely interviewed Steve Jobs for the documentary Triumph of the Nerds. But only 10 minutes of the hour-long interview were used, and the entirety of the interview was lost due to a shipping mishap…until now. Cringely says a copy of the whole interview has been recovered and is being restored for some as-yet undetermined purpose. I have my fingers crossed for a music video remix.

‘Avengers’ D.P. Says He Did Not Use iPhone on the Film (The Hollywood Reporter)

Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey has clarified a story reported last week, that he shot part of the forthcoming comic-book adaptation The Avengers on an iPhone. Apparently, McGarvey’s actual comment was misconstrued—it turns out none of the film was shot on an iPhone. Mainly because when McGarvey pulled out his iPhone, Mark Ruffalo took it and smashed it on the ground. Just to stay in character, you know.

Product News:

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