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In another sign of how Android is set to win the tablet space—some day, just you wait!—two members of the ZDNet brain trust have switched.

What’s that?

Oh. The Macalope is being informed that they actually switched from Android-based tablets to the iPad. Hang on a second while the Macalope rewrites his notes and hahaha, no, he knew that, of course—why else would he be bringing it up?

First up is James Kendrick.

I have used at least a dozen different Android tablets in addition to the two I own. I use tablets heavily, and have grown increasingly frustrated over the inconsistent user experience. That is why I just bought an iPad 2.

You don’t say. Well, that is shocking. The Macalope had heard that Android tablets were just as good as iPads and also come with 4G and USB keyboards and stuff. Correct the horny one if he’s wrong, but it appears that what you’re saying is that user experience matters more than just checking boxes off on a list of features. Who. Could. Have. Guessed?

Tablets are very personal devices as they are used in the hands. Laggy performance, inconsistent app controls, and long app load times add up to a jarring, annoying user experience.

No, no, no. Jim, Jim, Jim. It’s items on a checklist. Preferably with green checks and red X’s. And the Android tablet has checks next to such iPad-killing items as “stylus” and “Flash” while the iPad has red X’s.

The hardware is typical Apple quality, and the software works as expected. It is smooth and snappy, and already impacting my work in a positive way. It just works.

Whatever, Apple zealot.

Next up is Stephen Chapman, who tried tablets back in August and determined they were not. For. Him. No, sir, they were not.

Since the launch of the iPad, a number of companies put out their own tablets at significantly lower price points than the iPad, so I decided it was time to do the deal and feed the monster inside of me that craved a tablet. And just what did I decide to buy, you ask? Good question! I went with a NOOK Color…

And, long story short, the Macalope knows you’ll find this hard to believe, but he was not impressed. Astounding!

All-in-all, I’ve totally cured myself of tablet envy! Now, when I see someone with an iPad or something of the sort, I think to myself, “SUCCESS!”

Well done, Stephen. And, yet, “tablets” are a growing product category. How to explain this other than mass hysteria?

Fast forward to November and Stephen’s decided to give the iPad a try and guess what? He absolutely loves it!

My iPad has totally destroyed the perception of myself as an individual who wouldn’t make use of a tablet device. It has also totally destroyed my opinions of any other tablet out there standing a chance of competing against not just the device, but the app ecosystem and iOS on a tablet device.

ZDNet: the latest in last year’s technology analysis! If only someone could have told you that in August of 2010 and saved you the $250 you wasted on the Nook in 2011. OH, WELL.

All sarcasm aside, congratulations, ZDNet bloggers. You’ve finally come to the realization the rest of us came to a year and a half ago.

OK, maybe not all sarcasm aside.

[Editors’ Note: In addition to being a mythical beast, the Macalope is not an employee of Macworld. As a result, the Macalope is always free to criticize any media organization. Even ours.]

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