Fun gear for iPhone photographers

Whether you're a novice or a pro, these finds are sure to take your iPhoneography to a whole new level. Plus, they're perfect stocking stuffers for your shutter-happy friends and family.

Cute clip-on lenses

Clip this accessory onto the corner of your iPhone and you get three new lenses to shoot with. The olloclip packs a wide-angle, fisheye, and macro lens into one, cute little package that’s super-easy to attach and remove from your device. It’s the perfect add-on for iPhone photographers who want to capture a wider field of view than the iPhone camera is capable of—great for landscape shots. The macro lens is excellent at capturing close-up, detailed shots, too. And you get all that in a pocketable accessory that’s smaller than a house key.

$70, compatible with the iPhone 4/4S

Instagram on canvas

CanvasPop’s Instagram prints will transport your photos out of your iPhone and onto the walls of your home. It’s perfect for any iPhone photographer who wants to give their Instagram shots another life. If you love the photo-sharing, social networking app, you’ll adore the beautiful CanvasPop prints. The process of ordering prints is as simple as going to the company’s website, signing into your Instagram account, and selecting which photos you want printed. Your images will be enhanced for large-format printing, and you can choose either a 12-by-12 or 20-by-20-inch print.

12-inch prints, $30; 20-inch prints, $60

Color me pretty

Get a good dose of nostalgia and color with Holga's iPhone Lens Filter Kit, a case and lens system that brings analog to your iPhone with plastic camera filters. The kit will even make your phone look like a retro toy with its dial of lenses, reminiscent of old-school telephones. Rotate the disk to use one of 10 different filters. You get five bright colors and five other effects, ranging from a macro lens to a quadruple image lens that takes four identical images split into one shot. This fun kit will get your creative juices flowing, whether you're a fan of Holga's signature toy camera look or just love experimenting with iPhone photography. The case comes in black, white, silver, red, and blue.

$25, compatible with iPhone 4/4S

Always-on tripod

With the iPik case, you’ll have a mini tripod attached to your iPhone at all times, so you’ll never wind up with another blurry photo. The tripod leg folds out from the bottom of the iPik case, and allows you to position the iPhone in the perfect picture-taking angle for any situation. The iPik case can be maneuvered into more than 15 positions, and can rotate 270 degrees. It comes in black, white, and clear.

$22, compatible with iPhone 4/4S; $16, compatible with iPhone 3GS

Top-notch lens system

Schneider Optics' iPro Lens System offers wide-angle and fisheye lenses that are fabulous for your iPhone’s camera. Avid iPhone photographers who want clear, sharp shots will love this all-in-one package. Along with the lenses, you get a specially designed iPhone case and a handle to attach to your iPhone to keep your shots steady—the handle also functions as a case for the lenses and a tripod mount. Once you get iPro Lens System on your iPhone, you’ll never want to remove it.

$199, compatible with the iPhone 4/4S

Instant point-and-shoot

Canopy’s Kapok is an iPhone case designed with photographers in mind. The case stands vertically or horizontally on its own and comes with a built-in tripod mount if you want extra stability. It sports two buttons on right side for added control of the camera’s still and video shooting modes, and comes with a mini ball head which, when attached to the case, acts as a mini tripod. When paired with the free camera tools application, the Kapok delivers all the functionality of a quality point-and-shoot to the iPhone.

$70, compatible with the iPhone 4/4S

Pano video action

Obsessed with panoramas? Step it up a notch by capturing panorama videos with Kogeto's Dot. The accessory snaps onto the back of your iPhone and lets you capture 360-degree action, without any post-production stitching. The process is simple enough for anyone to use—you don’t have to be a video expert—and the results are interactive videos that let you swipe through a scene. It’s great for concert-goers, sports fans, and athletes (especially those on wheels), who love to capture the full view of a lively scene or event. EyeSee360’s GoPano micro is a similar device to consider.

$79, compatible with the iPhone 4/4S

Remote control camera

Make sure that nobody’s left out of a group shot with Belkin’s LiveAction Camera Remote. The Bluetooth device wirelessly activates an iPhone’s camera shutter from up to 30 feet away—you’ll never again have to scurry over to the group before the iPhone’s timer goes off. To steady your iPhone, you can use the camera stand that comes with the package. It’s a great kit for any iPhone photographer who wants to get out from behind the camera and step in front of it every once in a while.

$50, compatible with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

Zoom in, way in

Give your iPhone the power of super sight with this telephoto lens from Photojojo. This lens gives you an 8x zoom—and not the kind of grainy, digital zoom you typically get when using the Camera app’s zoom feature. Each lens also comes with a specially designed iPhone case, a cleaning cloth, and a cute mini tripod for you to steady those ultra zoomed in shots.

$35, compatible with iPhone 4/4S

Chic wrist companion

If there’s one basic feature nearly all digital cameras have that the iPhone lacks, it’s a wrist strap. And the iPhone 4 is notoriously slippery, posing a problem for serious iPhoneographers. Voi’s Interim case solves this problem with a strap built into the back of the case. The Interim is available in black, purple, or pink and its transparent frosted back panel makes it look extra sleek.

$22, compatible with iPhone 4/4S (3GS version also available)

Brighter light

If you find yourself attempting to take a lot of low-light or night shots with your iPhone, and you're not getting the desired results, this handy device will brighten up your life. The iFlash is a self-powered device that attaches to the 30-pin dock connector of your iPhone and offers a powerful LED light. It has a simple on/off button, so when you’re ready to shoot your image, just turn it on to shine its light on the scene. And if you’re lost in the wilds of the night, the iFlash doubles as a handy flashlight.

$25, compatible with most iOS devices

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