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CNet’s Eric Mack asks: Kindle Fire getting shoppers hotter than iPad?

So, take it away, Ian Betteridge!

“Any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word ‘no’”.

Indeed, if you read the piece then you’ll find that it’s actually the iPad that’s getting shoppers hotter than the Kindle Fire.

The survey found that among “holiday shoppers most likely to purchase a tablet by the end of the year, the scales tip heavily in favor of the iPad, at 62 percent, versus only 38 percent choosing the Kindle Fire.”

So, whence the headline? Well, when the firm conducting the survey asked which tablet they preferred, 51 percent of people sitting on the couch said the Kindle Fire. But among people who are willing to put their money where their mouth is (which, admittedly, is unsanitary), the iPad is the tablet of choice. The Macalope’s not sure what things are like where Mack’s from, but where the horny one’s from you actually have to be willing to spend money to be a “shopper.” The Kindle Fire is apparently popular with smack talkers.

In the American Civil War it was the Battle of Antietam, and when we look back on the Tablet Wars—or maybe just a few months from now—we may cite the great Black Friday Battle of 2011 as the moment the tide turned in favor of the North(ernmost-headquartered tablet maker).

Seriously? You’re going with that analogy? The Civil War. The War Between Brothers. The war in which more Americans died than any other. Because Seattle is further north than Cupertino. That’s what you went with.

OK. But is this really a battle of such devastating magnitude, even figuratively? Or is the Kindle Fire actually growing the market by bringing in price-sensitive customers who were never going to buy an iPad anyway? Are you sure you’re sticking with that suggestion?

Or maybe not.

Oh. Or maybe not.

Either way, just like the Civil War, the Tablet Wars are likely to stretch on for many more years.

And even if they don’t, it’ll seem like many years because of analogies like this.

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