Apple offers free shipping through December 22

Good tidings we bring—and we bring them right to your doorstep, gratis. So says Apple, at least: When you order from between now and December 22, the company will ship all those goodies for free.

But don’t rest, ye merry gentlemen (and ladies), if you live outside the United States. As MacRumors reports, this free shipping deal isn’t universal around the globe: In Canada and the UK, for example, Apple’s holiday free shipping cheer lasts only until the end of the day Monday. (Other international Apple online stores—notably New Zealand’s—are offering free shipping right up until December 25.)

For those who want to use some saved shipping money to spruce up their Apple gifts, the company is once again offering a $5 gift wrap option for many of its products in addition to its year-round free engraving program for iPods and iPads, and build-to-order options for Macs.

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