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Twitter, the 140-character social networking service, has become so popular that there are literally hundreds of different clients out there, covering every computing platform. As a result, many Twitter users access the service from multiple clients, which leads to one of Twitter’s biggest nuisances: When you launch, say, Tweetbot on your iPhone, you have to scroll up and down your timeline, perhaps loading additional messages, until you find the spot where you left off in Twitterrific on your Mac earlier that day. Tweet Marker by Manton Reece aims to fix this first-world problem.

Offered as a free service to Twitter-client developers, Tweet Marker notes your position in your main and Mentions timelines, letting multiple Twitter apps keep that position in sync between them. So when you close Tweet Speaker on your iPhone as you get out of the car, your timeline position is marked; when you walk into the office and launch Twitterrific on your Mac, it knows right where to pick up.

The biggest drawbacks to Tweet Marker are that only a handful of clients have started using it (lucky for us, they’re some of the best), and not every one of those clients has implemented Tweet Market perfectly. But it’s changed—for the better—how many of us have used Twitter. We’re looking forward to seeing Tweet Marker in every Twitter client (free; integrated into Twitter clients).—DAN FRAKES

TypeDNA 2.0

By their nature, font managers are utilitarian. They help artists and designers organize, activate, classify, categorize, group, locate, and view up to thousands of fonts on a system or server. While most designers know what their fonts look like, it’s harder to compare and match multiple fonts into pleasing combinations. That’s where TypeDNA ( ) comes in.


TypeDNA steps out of the database realm into creative territory by offering unique, visually-based font locating, harmonizing, and matching functions. The program introduces a creative flare to the process of choosing the right combination of fonts for a project. Features like Similar Fonts, Font Harmony, Attribute Filters, and SmartChoice intelligently assist users in finding similar font alternatives and pleasing combinations. It does this by analyzing the unique characteristics of each glyph contained within a font.

TypeDNA is a professional font manager that works both as a stand-alone utility or as a plug-in to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign CS5 and CS5.1. Despite its advanced features, TypeDNA is remarkably easy and fun to use for all levels of designers. And, unlike most font utilities, it plays nicely with other font managers you may have installed on your system ($49).—JACKIE DOVE

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