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That tick, tick, ticking you hear is the March of the Impending Holidays. Before the gift-buying, family-visiting, eggnog-sipping chaos reaches a tipping point, take some quiet You time to read over Macworld’s weekly roundup of our biggest stories from the past week. This week, we’ll do a top 12 list—one for each day of Christmas. (Or, 1.5 for each day of Hannukah; your call.)

  1. The 27th Annual Editors’ Choice Awards We call them the Eddys. Which is odd, because their name is Douglas. Surely, you’ll find something on our list of the 23 best products of the past year that would make a perfect gift for someone you love. And perhaps that someone is you. (We podcasted about the awards, too.)

  2. Five unexpected uses for the spacebar Not listed: It makes a great diving board for those little green toy army men.

  3. Siri features we’d like to see We had a few more wishes for this story, but eventually Siri got angry and stopped transcribing them. Robot overlords these days, am I right?

  4. Consumer Reports: AT&T is nation’s worst carrier, again At least, we think that’s what Consumer Reports said. It was awfully hard to hear them on our iPhone.

  5. Apple tops PCWorld reliability, satisfaction surveys It was nice of PCWorld’s readers to vote Apple products as the tops in the desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet categories, but now our colleagues across the hall want to know when we’re going to reciprocate by liveblogging Microsoft keynotes.

  6. Gems for a Steal, Redux For a limited time only, you can pick up this bundle of eight Mac software titles for just $40—with six of those apps being official Mac Gems. The other two apps are fine as well, but they’re more like Mac Cubic Zirconia.

  7. How Thunderbolt devices affect each other on a daisy chain Our lab daisy-chained together oodles of Thunderbolt devices so that you don’t have to. Before you start having SCSI-related flashbacks, check out our report. (Also, huge credit to Lab Director James Galbraith for the headline we used on our home page for this story, "Going off the rails on a daisy chain.")

  8. Mac OS X screenshot secrets You think you know everything there is to know about screenshots, and then along comes this video tutorial with an incredible spacebar trick. No, not that one, a different one. Trust me.

  9. Six iOS apps let you quickly create and send holiday cards Before you start dashing through the snow, you ought to get your holiday cards in the mail. We looked at six iOS apps that can help.

  10. Make the season bright with holiday videos It’s a guide to online sources for some of our favorite seasonal videos. And if you’d rather just have a Yule Log—there is, unsurprisingly, an app for that.

  11. iPod nano watchbands Turns out, vendors are making some pretty slick watchbands for the iPod nano. Just think how cool it’ll be if one day the nano could play your music, in addition to telling time!

  12. Twitter reveals new design, revamped iPhone app The good news is, everyone loves the new look. The bad news is, I’m a pathological liar.

Have a great weekend, dear readers. We’ll catch you next Saturday for another edition of the Weekly Wrap.

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