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Task Eater for iPhone

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Task Eater for the iPhone is a simple yet customizable task management app from Tobias Wiedenmann. Task Eater offers a very colorful take on task management, complete with customizable colors and icons for each task.

Visual Reminder: Task Eater uses icons and colors to help you easily categorize your to-dos.

When creating a task, you choose from 30 different categories, represented by icons—everything from a heart for a relationship-related task to a tiny bottle of pills for medical-related tasks. In addition to the icons, users may also choose one of seven colors for each task.

While the colors are useful in their own right, I was surprised by just how helpful the tiny icons were during my testing. Users may also add their own categories, although they must choose from the aforementioned 30 icons for their new categories. Perhaps the only drawback to Task Eater is its lack of a landscape view, although this is more of an annoyance than anything else.

Creating a new task involves the now familiar scroll wheel interface for day and date entry. You can set any date and time for a single task or create a repeating task if you wish. The repeating tasks option includes a much needed custom option for those tasks which repeat outside the familiar every day/week/month periods.

Task Eater also offers a backup function by which users can backup all of their existing tasks. This is done via iTunes, and you can store the created backup file anywhere on your computer. Users can import tasks through the iOS Mail app, too.

Task Eater is a beautiful, simple task manager. It offers customizable visual cues in a sleek-looking package. Anyone interested in managing their tasks should check out this little app.

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Task Eater

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