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Acer chairman JT Wang is at it again and you know what that means! That’s right: wackiness.

Acer: Apple share to weaken in two years, Android to be flat

Go, JT, go!

Frequently outspoken Acer chairman JT Wang in statements Wednesday once again insisted that Apple would go away in the near future.

Wang is as outspoken as Steve Jobs. But without the ability to execute.

The comments continue a pattern from Acer executives, most of all Wang, of insisting that the pre-iPad, Windows-heavy mobile computing market favorable to Acer would return.



Just because, OK?! Acer’s getting the band back together and this time no one’s gonna stop them from rockin’ as hard as they want! And they’re gonna get in the car and drive and drive and drive until they’re far away from you!

[sobs, runs to room, slams door]

Wang seems to have been stuck in the “denial” stage for a while now. The Macalope thinks this might be some kind of record.

Well, OK. OK. Let’s not be too hasty. Let’s give Wang a chance. How have his previous predictions turned out?

Acer’s JT Wang told Chinese language newspaper Economic Daily News (EDN) that Apple’s virtual monopoly on the market could drop to just 20 percent after the market for such devices stabilizes.

That was in August of 2010. Presumably this stabilization will be arriving on more of a geologic time scale than one humans will notice over their limited lifetime. Perhaps Acer should invest in carving an obelisk on the lunar surface so that whatever species is dominant when the stabilization occurs will have some forewarning.

By the way, JT, how’d that whole netbook thing work out for you, anyway?

Acer is going to pin its hopes on the ultrabook.

And it’s going to stop peddling affordable but poorly made hardware.

Dell, apparently, has learned the same lesson (tip o’ the antlers to The Loop).

Who could have predicted that a race to the bottom would end badly for PC makers?

Oh, that’s right. Silly Macalope with your rhetorical questions you already know the answers to! It was Apple that predicted it and wisely stayed out of that death spiral party. Now, after seeing their profits tank, PC OEMs like Acer and Dell are sure they have a solution: Do what Apple’s doing.

Good luck, PC OEMS! Good luck with turning perception of your brand from cheap, under-powered, poorly-built pieces of crap to something like the MacBook Air.

There’s one thing the Macalope’s unclear of, though. Wang and Michael Dell seem to keep wanting Apple to “go away.” But if Apple goes away, where are they going to get their next business strategy?

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