Weekly Wrap: Remembering 2011, predicting 2012

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Saturday is for lovers. Specifically, lovers of one story at Macworld that can link them back to the best content we published over the past week. And that, dear friends, is the sole raison d’être (literally, “Etre’s raisin”) for the Weekly Wrap. In fact, since we took last Saturday off, this time we’ll wrap up stories from the past two weeks. Of course, that forces us to be even choosier with which articles we choose to highlight, but we’re not here to make friends.

You say you want a resolution

New year, new habits. And that’s not just for the convent class of 2012. Mac users should make—and stick to!—a couple of resolutions this year. For starters, finally make that backup plan you’ve been putting off for far too long. While you’re at it, resolve to keep your Mac clean, too. (Even if your mind isn’t.)

If you’d like to cling just a bit longer to sweet, sweet 2011, we can help you with that: We recapped 2011 for photographers and creatives, and we also ran down 2011 in entertainment, in quotes, in iOS, iPhone, and iPad news, and in the Mac. (Remember the Mac?) Oh, and we highlighted the best Mac Gems, Apple’s biggest product releases, and Apple’s financial performance for the year.

Turning inward, we remembered fondly our most-read stories. But how can the cold science of web traffic compare to the mighty power of the human heart? That's what was revealed in our list of the most loved and loathed stories of the year—as chosen by you folks. And might we add, you're looking even more attractive than usual today, sir and/or madam?

Coming soon

But since 2011 is so last week, we also looked ahead. We predicted what 2012 might mean for Apple, we podcasted about it, and we invited an all-star collection pundits (and one mythical beast) to weigh in as well.

(Adam Engst hates being referred to as a mythical beast, but we have to report the facts.)

Speaking of speculation, Apple may be planning a New York-based media event later this month. At least we know for sure that the company will announce its quarterly earnings on January 24, and to launch the iPhone 4S around the globe in countries that haven’t yet gotten their hands (or voice commands) on it.

The gift that keeps on being awesome

Did you score a brand-spanking new iOS device over the jolly-days? We put together a massive list of 50 essential apps for new iOS device owners. (By the way, “massive” is journalism-speak for “fifty.”)

If you want to make sure you’re having fun with your phone, don’t miss this list of the ten best iPhone games. And for the thrifty, we also have this list of ten great iOS apps that are just as free as this very web site.

And whether you’re new to iOS or an oldtimer, don’t miss Fraser Speirs’s excellent guide to managing iOS multitasking. (Short version: Don’t.)

If you received a new Mac, here are ten things to do with it. (Step Zero: Turn it on.) And we have a primer on shopping at the Mac App Store. And a list of must-have hardware for your new Mac. We’re still working on a piece about “how to curb your unceasing addiction to getting more and more great stuff for your new Mac,” but we’re a bit blocked on that one.

Now that you have a new Mac, you must figure out what to do with the old one. We have some ideas.

Miscellaneous M

Editorial director Jason Snell put together a video tutorial on joining audiobook tracks for iTunes. Launchpad overcrowded? This hint lets you wipe it out completely—even including Apple’s otherwise immutable stock apps. And should the need arise, we can help you reset your Lion administrator password.

With that, the first Weekly Wrap of 2012 is in the books. Or rather, on the website. You get the idea.

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