Weekly Wrap: CES iOS-a-palooza, anniversaries, and an educated guess (or two)

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What’s new this week? Why, product announcements exciting and strange from the International Consumer Electronics Show, a slew of iOS and Mac coverage, speculations about next week’s education-themed Apple event, and more of the how-to content you love to read and we love to share. The Weekly Wrap is where we try to find the very best stories from the week gone by and assemble them all in one place for your weekend reading pleasure—so let’s get to it.

CES excess

In January, gambling in Las Vegas goes beyond the casinos: Oodles of vendors bet that their products will be interesting enough to both attract press coverage and consumer spending. We found a few highlights worth our attention—and yours: There were speaker systems for the shower and scales for your baby, portable radiation detectors (if you're worried that your backyard is particularly radioactive) and creepy pseudo-sentient iOS robots, iPad microphones and robotic Bluetooth bunnies, and even a remote-controlled flying drone or two.

Oh, and just for good measure, a pressure-sensitive iOS stylus from Adonit. We also reported on a slew of Thunderbolt accessories (finally!), an AirPlay amp from Griffin, and a trio of keyboards from Matias that can control either your Mac or your iPhone with the flick of a switch. But the 900 pound gorilla in the CES showroom was literally a 900 pound iPod dock.

In fact, there were so many things to see and write about, we eventually took a quick reprieve and podcasted about CES instead.

Apple events new and old

Apple announced that it will host an education-themed event early next week. So, in response, we made some educated guesses about just what Apple might announce.

We also took time to recall another Apple event—one from five years ago, wherein Steve Jobs told us that Apple would announce a cell phone, a touch-screen iPod, and an Internet communications device. (Spoiler alert for those freshly out of comas and starting to resume life by reading this Wrap: It wasn’t three separate devices.) Jason Snell was there, and he was one of the first folks outside of Apple to touch the iPhone. He remembers it fondly.

Mac tips and tricks

Are you a Mac power user, or aspiring to be one? Don’t miss our tips on using Disk Utility for easy encryption or enabling the ability to copy text from QuickLook previews. We also put together a thrilling two-part series on how to use OS X’s services, and four great such services that you probably didn't know about. Of course, if you already read that article, now you do know about them. But that’s beside the point.

This week’s Macworld video tip explained how to use Fluid to create a Gmail app on your Mac.

And if you’re looking for other interesting software for your Mac, note that there’s a new Lightroom beta from Adobe. And if a Lightroom-edited picture is worth 1000 words, you can compose and preview those words in Marked, one of our latest Mac Gems.

iOS, oh yes

No Weekly Wrap would be complete without including highlights from our coverage of all things iPhone and iPad. Amazon unveiled an iPad-optimized Kindle Store. Hipmunk updated its flight search app to include hotels as well.

Macworld editor Philip Michaels wrote up fascinating technology that allows Stanford sports fans to watch instant replays on their mobile devices, from the stands.

And, as always, we wrote up a variety of other apps:

  • Image Blender—It’s way, way better than Image Cuisinart.
  • W.E.L.D.E.R—We gave it five mice. Should you get it? Well, derrrr!
  • Jelly Defense—Apparently, Jelly mixes with your iPhone just as well as it does with peanut butter.
  • Shazam Player—Fret not, it has nothing to do with that movie starring Shaquille O’Neal.
  • Summly—It’s an app that tries to summarize longer text for you to read at a glance. Suddenly, I feel like my job is threatened.

But until Summly takes over Weekly Wrap duties, it’s still my beat. We’ll be back again next Saturday, unless our robot overlords decide otherwise.

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