Apple’s App Stores for iOS and Mac have made buying software painless and, for the most part, affordable, but they’re not without their downsides for developers and consumers alike. In this podcast, recorded on the floor at last week’s Macworld | iWorld, I’m joined by a pair of developers who know all too well the positives and pitfalls of developing for Apple’s storefronts: Rogue Amoeba CEO Paul Kafasis and App Cubby founder David Barnard.

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Both Paul and David have written a lot about this issue, and some of those thoughts are reiterated in our discussion. You should also check out Piezo, Rogue Amoeba’s first app in the Mac App Store, and Gas Cubby, App Cubby’s marquee offering and a source of much discussion in this podcast.

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Updated at 2:55 p.m. PT with video of the presentation.

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