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Google looks outside the company to hire some integrity, Best Buy looks to consumers for mythical product research, and spammers look toward Steve Jobs for inspiration. The remainders for Monday, February 6, 2012 are looking sharp.

Google hires a senior director at Apple for a top secret project (VentureBeat)

Guess that whole “no poaching” thing is well and truly over. Google has reportedly lured away Apple’s senior director of product integrity, Simon Prakash, to head up a “secret” project, mysteriously entitled “Project Totally Not Competing With Apple or Anything, Seriously.”

‘Apple HDTV’ imagined in Best Buy survey: 42-inch model for $1,499 (The Verge)

In a survey sent to customers to gauge opinions over potential new products, Best Buy has teased an “Apple HDTV” that would measure in at 42 inches and carry a $1500 price tag. What the big box retailer really wants to know, though, is whether you’d buy it. Or like it. Or give it a cute name. Man, that is a lot of opinions to have about something imaginary. I’ll get back to them right after I fill out this survey about my feelings on unicorns.

Digital setback for Murdoch as ‘secret’ iPad project folds (The Independent)

Speaking of secret projects, it appears that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp has given the axe to an iPad-related venture that would have focused on entertainment and sports news for the iPad and other tablets. Project Two22, as it was dubbed, was shut down after being deemed a failure. We hear that while News Corp has also discontinued Projects Three33 through Five55, Six66 is still going strong.

First Nigerian “Steve Job” Spam (Tidbits)

Frankly, I’m amazed that it took this long. The first Nigerian-style spam letters featuring the unresolved will of Steve Job [sic] have begun to make their way around the Internet. That’s right, you too could be on deck to inherit £4 million from the late Apple co-founder. I think I would have been more inclined to believe them if his will detailed what to do with his sneakers and black turtlenecks.

Product News:

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