With Macworld | iWorld in the books, we turn our attention back to some products making news before the annual Mac event—iBooks 2 and iBooks Author. Apple introduced the two apps during last month’s education-centric press event, and we’ve since had the chance to review and rate both products. I’m joined by those reviewers—staff writer Lex Friedman and staff editor Serenity Caldwell—to go over their experiences with iBooks 2 and iBooks Author.

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Lex reviewed iBooks 2 while Serenity did the honors for iBooks Author. During the iBooks Author discussion, Serenity mentions Apple’s support documents for the ebook publishing tool: You’ll find those on Apple’s website.

Speaking of iBooks Author, Apple recently updated the software, clarifying restrictions on selling books created with the application. As you might imagine, we spend a little time talking about that in the podcast.

The podcast kicks off with Serenity talking about her ideal ebook publishing app and how iBooks Author measures up. You can read her original wishlist for the app and her initial impressions of iBooks Author elsewhere on Macworld.com.

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