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Google is starting to sound like someone with a gambling addiction.

Google is planning to “double down” on Android tablets in 2012, and take leadership away from Apple and the iPad, according to Google’s senior VP for mobile, Andy Rubin.

Presumably Rubin believes Android is “winning” at the smartphone table, but for the millionth time it’s winning at one metric and one metric only: market share. That’s not exactly like standing at the blackjack table and whooping it up because you got 25 while the other guy got 21, but it’s close. Apple, we all know, makes all the money while Google actually makes more money from iOS than from Android.

Rubin argued that the greatest problem for Android on tablets is that “there’s no organized way for consumers to recognize it as a viable platform,” and that Google wants people to see tablets as part of the larger Android universe.

As the horny one has noted before, Google, unlike Apple and Amazon, has no storefront for tablets. Where do you buy Android tablets? At big box stores that have a shopping experience about as enjoyable as an open head wound actively being pecked by a murder of crows, or at carrier stores that are really only interested in selling you contracts. And Apple has already set the expectation that you shouldn’t have to get into another contract to buy a tablet.

“The educated consumer realizes it now that they’re either picking the Apple ecosystem or the Microsoft ecosystem or the Google ecosystem…

And then buys an iPad.

What is this “Microsoft ecosystem” in tablets Rubin speaks of? And do you notice anything missing there? Rhymes with Flamazon?

…we’re going to do a better job at making people understand what ecosystem they’re buying into.”

So, Rubin thinks this is an educational issue that can presumably be solved by marketing. Good. Luck.

Developers are “looking at market share and…being frugal,” he observed…

They’re also looking at how willing Android users are to actually pay for apps, which is not as willing as iOS users.

The Macalope really wonders how Google thinks it’s going to win this bet. Are we going to start seeing Google Stores pop up in malls? Kind of a strange move for a company whose real customer isn’t at the mall.

Samsung, which the Macalope noted has started selling tablet-sized phones because it can’t sell actual tablets, now openly admits its tablet line has all the popularity of an Adam Sandler holiday movie.

And yet, like Google, it keeps placing bets.

If it’s time for an intervention then they’re going to have to find someone who actually gives a crap that they keep throwing their money away.

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