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Foxconn is looking through you (or your next iPad), AT&T urges customers to run for their lives (from antiquated wireless networks), and Walter Isaacson says “you won’t see me” (revealing details of the next Apple TV). The remainders for Tuesday, March 6, 2012 just want to know what goes on in your heart.

Apple’s First Marketing Guru On Why ‘1984’ Is Overrated (Advertising Age)

The most interesting part of this interview with Regis McKenna, who served as a marketing advisor to Apple in the ’80s, isn’t what the headline might suggest. Rather, it’s the story that the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs called up McKenna to help handle the iPhone 4 antenna issue. I wonder if, when Jobs told McKenna he’d be holding a press conference, McKenna replied “You’re holding it wrong.”

iPad maker Foxconn turns to X-ray inspections to cut defects (CNet)

Foxconn is reportedly adding X-ray machines to its assembly lines in an attempt to catch manufacturing defects that might be missed by humans. This after the company ordered—and was unable to return—10,000 pairs of X-Ray Specs.

AT&T to customers: ‘Please, please upgrade from 2G’ (NetworkWorld)

AT&T is begging you: Wake up and smell the 3G. The company is trying to convince existing users of 2G devices to ditch their old phones and move up to newer wireless technology. In large part, that’s because the carrier wants to repurpose the 2G spectrum to expand 4G coverage. I hope this is more successful than AT&T’s previous marketing effort along these lines: “Look ma, it’s twice as many G’s!”

Isaacson left details of the ‘next Apple TV’ out of Steve Jobs biography (The Next Web)

Looks like Steve Jobs’s biographer held a few things back out of consideration to Apple, including details about Steve Jobs’s ideas for a much rumored Apple TV set. Said Isaacson: “Apple hadn’t yet done it and I thought that, maybe, that was unfair to Apple before they produce the TV.” Unrelated: If anybody’s interested, Walter Isaacson has a great idea for a next-generation TV.

iOS 5.1 Gold Master passes QA (Chronic Wire)

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, it seems that the next update to iOS, version 5.1, is ready for distribution alongside whatever Apple announces on Wednesday. According to a report, the update will bring “at least two other new features that have not been publicly leaked.” My guess? The much coveted “Shake to Restart” functionality, and an option for “Hilarious Autocorrections.”

Apple’s next iPad will be available on March 16th, additional launch event planned (9to5Mac)

For heaven’s sake, we haven’t even had this week’s Apple event yet, and people are already starting rumors about the next one. This report suggests that the iPad 3 will actually launch to the public on March 16, along with some sort of retail store hooplah. Because we were really worried Apple would let it go unheralded.

Product News:

Squeeze 8 Pro - Sorenson Media has released the latest version of its video encoding software. The desktop software lets users encode video in any format for any device, including the iPhone and iPad. Squeeze 8 Pro is integrated with other video-editing apps including Avid and Final Cut Pro. The program also offers a number of filters and basic editing tools. $800.

Skype 5.6 for Mac - Skype released version 5.6 of its VoIP app for Mac. The update includes a number of improvements, including a full-screen mode in OS X Lion, the ability to delete conversations, and an improved UI for group video calling. Skype 5.6 for Mac will also automatically update to newer version from now on. Free; premium Skype accounts cost $5 per month.

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