Apple TV arriving a day early

Some of those who obsessively track the delivery of their Apple products have noticed that while the third-generation iPad will, as promised, be delivered Friday (even when sitting in a delivery facility a stone’s throw from their intended recipients), the latest Apple TV models are slated for delivery today.

We’ve heard from a handful of readers that these delivery reports are no lie. The knock on my office door just a minute ago confirms it. The FedEx fairy is indeed delivering these 1080p units.

To track the progress of your delivery, visit Apple’s Online Order Status page.

At a Glance
  • While it's beginning to show its age, Apple TV's hooks into the Apple ecosystem still make it worth considering.


    • It's the only option for streaming iTunes content
    • Apple Music, HomeKit, and AirPlay further extend the box's usefulness
    • App-driven home screen is easy to understand
    • Fairly cheap for a high-end set-top box
    • Only platform that still lacks voice search


    • Outdated hardware translates to long loading times
    • Limited app selection
    • Remote is overly simplistic and depends on line of sight
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