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In fact, it’s so big, it should be called the “Remains of the Last Two Days.” We’ve got Tim Cook calling in an air strike on AT&T, a stealth Siri feature in iOS 5.1, and Microsoft nuking Apple devices from orbit. The remainders for Wednesday, March 21, 2012 are flanking—watch your six!

Tim Cook convinces AT&T to unlock customer’s iPhone (9to5 Mac)

Sure, the late Steve Jobs was known to answer the occasional email, but Tim Cook is all about action. One iPhone owner who emailed the CEO about AT&T’s refusal to unlock his iPhone got the deluxe treatment when Cook set some wheels in motion to have AT&T make an exception. Frankly, this sets a dangerous precedent—pretty soon, Tim’s going to have to start showing up at people’s houses to unlock the phones for them.

Your iPhone Personal Assistant: Now With More Yelp! (Yelp)

Speaking of the iPhone, it seems that Apple snuck one particular little enhancement in the recent iOS 5.1 update. Now, when you ask Siri for recommendations for local restaurants, you can tap on the star rating to launch the Yelp app and go straight to the business’s page. (If Yelp isn’t installed, you’ll be prompted to download the app). That’s fine, but where do I tap to have food delivered instantly to my door?

Microsoft banning Mac, iPad purchases by its sales and marketing group? (ZDNet)

When all else fails, just forbid something. A memo supposedly issued by Microsoft’s sales and marketing group says that Apple products “should not be purchased with company funds.” But…but…why would anybody buy them in the first place, when Windows 8 can do everything that both a Mac and PC can do?

iPhoto for iPad, iPhone hits 1 million users in less than 10 days (The Loop)

Apple told Jim Dalrymple that iPhoto for iOS has racked up a million unique users in less than ten days. The iOS version of iDVD has not been so lucky.

Sprint CEO defends iPhone strategy (Mobile World Live)

In an interview with Mobile World Live, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said that iPhone users are “more profitable than the average smartphone customer” and that 40 percent of iPhones sold are to new customers. Most surprising, perhaps, was Hesse’s point that iPhone customers actually use less data on average than, say, a 4G Android phone. Also, those 4G Android phones get terrible mileage.

Video Speed Trap Lurks in New iPad (Wall Street Journal)

While we’re on the topic of data consumption, a staggering report in the Wall Street Journal says you can quickly exhaust the data on your iPad’s cellular plan by watching a lot of streaming video. In related news, the Journal also uncovered that if you leave your bread in the toaster for too long, it will get burnt.

The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs (Harvard Business Review)

Walter Isaacson is nowhere near done writing about Steve Jobs. In the latest Harvard Business Review, Isaacson writes about the “real leadership lessons” of Jobs, which include focus, pushing for perfection, combining humanities and the sciences, and never crossing the streams.

Wicked Lasers Challenge: Ipad3 versus Torch, Arctic, Krypton (YouTube)

To the knocks against the latest iPad, add that it’s not high-powered-laser-proof. WHEN WILL APPLE ACKNOWLEDGE THIS CRITICAL DESIGN FLAW?

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