It was just two years ago this week that Apple released the first version of the iPad. The device would go on to define the market for tablet computers, become an integral part of many of our lives, and quite potentially usher in a post-PC era. Talk about the terrible twos.

I’m joined by staff writer Lex Friedman to discuss the iPad's latest birthday, the effect that Apple's iconic device has had over the last two years, and where Apple can possibly go with the next versions of the iPad.

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Tim Cook recently announced that the company sold 3 million of its newest iPad during the device's launch weekend. That brings the number of total iPads sold to almost 60 million in two years. Apple will release the full number of iPads sold in the current quarter during its quarterly financial call on April 24.

Lex graciously mentioned my recent experiences working from just an iPad, an experiment I conducted for three days.

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