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Google thinks the future of technology is only a little better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, while the company’s CEO says Apple fronting on Android is just that—a front. And Apple holds the keys to the kingdom, where the kingdom equals “your data on iCloud.” The remainders for Wednesday, April 4, 2012 are the keymaster—are you the gatekeeper?

Project Glass: One day… (YouTube)

Google’s latest concept video proposes a future where we interact with our computing device via an interface embedded in our glasses. Just one question: DID HE STEAL THAT BOOK?

Google’s Page: Apple’s Android Pique ‘For Show’ (BloombergBusinessweek)

Speaking of the GOOG, in an interview with BloombergBusinessweek Google CEO Larry Page opines that Apple’s rivalry with Android was more for show, to rally support around iOS, than it was actual anger. Probably true: I mean, we’ve seen Android, and nothing that crappy is worth getting worked up about. ZING.

New Scheduling Rules To Squeeze Employees (

According to a report from ifoAppleStore, Apple is changing scheduling rules for its employees. Friday will become a “weekend” day, meaning that employees must work two out of three weekend days—or, potentially, both Saturday and Sunday. In addition, part-time workers will be required to put in 24 hours, instead of the 16 previously required. All employees will also now be required to memorize the full text of the Think Different commercial and recite it to any higher-ranked employee or customer that asks.

Apple holds the master decryption key when it comes to iCloud security, privacy (Ars Technica)

Ars Technica says that Apple holds the master key which can, in theory, be used to decrypt data stored in iCloud. (But the company can’t do the same, a separate Ars piece says, for your iPhone’s local data.) It’s a bit like your landlord having a key to your apartment, and always borrowing your sugar—that happens to you, too, right?

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