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iOS apps are raking in money hand-over-fist; meanwhile, Apple may be willing to go to court to protect its share of ebook sales. And if new iPads don’t play nicely with Wi-Fi, they’ll be sent home to think about what they’ve done. The remainders for Thursday, April 5, 2012 regret nothing.

Apple i-Phone Apps Made $3.34 M Every Day in January (International Business Times)

Apps are raking it in—at least, en masse. According to one study, iOS apps generated $3.34 million in revenue every day in January 2012. And, if that was paid out evenly to every app developer, they’d each make about $6 and change!

Apple Holds Out as ebook Pricing Settlement Nears (Wall Street Journal)

Despite word that a settlement between the Department of Justice and Apple and publishers was looming, it seems that Cupertino isn’t quite ready to capitulate. Penguin and Macmillian are also resisting the settlement, which would see the deal struck between Apple and publishers in 2010 essentially revoked; pricing would return to the wholesale, retailer-sets-the-price model instead of the agency model that saw publishers taking a flat percentage cut. But everybody still gets paid, right? Right? Phew.

Apple investigating new iPad WiFi issues, tells AppleCare to replace affected units (9to5Mac)

Rumors of new iPads misbehaving on Wi-Fi have intensified, with one report at 9to5Mac saying that Apple has instructed AppleCare technicians to replace affected units and ship them back to headquarters for further investigation. By which the company clearly means “for use as lunch trays in Caffe Macs.”

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