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Admittedly it’s hard to count on these hooves but wasn’t it just Tuesday that the Macalope was talking about BTIG’s Walter Piecyk downgrading Apple because carriers would turn to Windows Phones made by Nokia?

Ah, so it was.

Well, it still could conceivably work out, but Nokia’s trying to drive out of a bigger ditch than previously thought:

Nokia sent out a warning on Wednesday that its results for the first quarter of 2012 would be worse than expected as its smartphone sales continued to struggle. Its operating margin would now be down by three percent instead of flat, while that for the just-started spring quarter would be similar or lower. …

While improving versus the million-plus units of the fall, Windows Phone sales weren’t growing quickly enough to offset plunges for Symbian devices. Nokia is now known to have moved two million smartphones in the first three months of 2012…

For those of you playing smartphone market analyst at home, first of all, that’s really weird. You should get out more. But second of all, 2 million is not a lot of units in the smartphone biz.

As the Macalope has said, he wants to see Windows Phone do well (or, well, better), even if partly for selfish reasons.

Well, OK, OK. Look, we’re already almost mid-way through April. The first quarter of 2012 is practically ancient history. It’s all about future performance. So, how’d the Lumia 900 launch go?

“Nokia discounts Lumia 900 to free while working on data fix”


Look, we’re really trying here, Microsoft, but…

While Weber had seen “incredible customer excitement and buzz” at stores in the US, which are known to have occasionally sold out of the small initial launch quantities, the credit is partly to rescue what could be the most vital launch for both Nokia and Microsoft.

Nothing sells phones like the sweet smell of desperation.

Well, hey, knocking the price down worked for the HP TouchPad, right? And look how that turned out.

Oh. Right.

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