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“iPad, you’re the best-selling tablet device on the market! What are you going to do next?” If you guessed “go to Disney World,” give yourself a shiny gold star. Meanwhile, Apple’s adding some much needed but unappreciated comedy to the court room—hardly surprising for a serial job destroyer. The remainders for Tuesday, May 1, 2012 are out of order.

Disney outfitting park employees with iPads to add magic to Magic Kingdom (9to5Mac)

Keep your eyes peeled for iPads next time you visit Disney World. The theme park is distributing Apple tablets to employees managing the attractions. Personally, I think seeing Mickey tapping away at Rage HD might kind of break the illusion.

Does “Mastered for iTunes” matter to music? Ars puts it to the test (Ars Technica)

Given the dispute over Apple’s “Mastered for iTunes” process, Ars has delved into whether the music actually sounds any better. The answer: an unqualified “it totally depends on your ears.” So, as soon as Apple starts selling better ears, I’m all set.

Judge Posner scolds Apple’s lawyers: ‘I’ve had my fill of frivolous filings by Apple’ (FOSS Patents)

The U.S. circuit court judge presiding over Apple’s suit against Motorola has declared that he has “had [his] fill of frivolous filings by Apple.” Objection! What exactly constitutes a frivolous filin—

Apple wants U.S. district court to obscure Samsung logo on video display for jurors (FOSS Patents)

… Withdrawn.

EXCLUSIVE: Apple Has Destroyed 490,000 American Jobs (Business Insider)

Yes, destroyed says—surprise—Business Insider. They’ve taken those jobs and sent them to the moon! If you’re not sold on BI’s math—which includes that Apple destroyed Circuit City and caused layoffs at Kodak, Motorola, Borders, IBM, and more—then any lingering doubts will no doubt be banished by the Photoshopped picture on the first page, depicting the Tim Cook as...well, I’m not entirely sure but it’s either the devil, a red-faced liar, or George Hamilton.

Product News:

Alfred 1.2 - The latest update to Andrew and Vero Pepperrell’s launcher utility adds fast access to 1Password 1Click bookmarks, two new color themes, a Clipboard Merge feature, new hotkeys, overhauled file search, and more. Free for all users, the advanced Powerpack add-on starts at £15 for a single-user license.

Transmit 4.1.8 - The updated version of Panic’s FTP software fixes a kernel panic with Transmit Disk on OS X 10.8, adds support for Growl 1.3, fixes a possible crash when viewing a mount point folder after drive is unmounted, fixes some miscellaneous display issues, and more. Free update for registered 4.x users, $19 for registered 3.x users, and $34 for a new license.

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